Where We Left Off With TV's Most Stressful Series, The Handmaid’s Tale

Photo: Courtesy of Hulu.
Have you been feeling too relaxed? Too carefree? While that's likely impossible considering our general national atmosphere, The Handmaid's Tale is back to remind you just how terrible the world can get. As fans will remember, the Emmy-winning dystopian drama shows what would happen if America fell into the hands of radical misogynists who decide the only way to save the world is by violently subjugating every woman in its borders.
While Handmaid's deals with many people's worst nightmares, it's also one of television's most important shows. That's why it couldn't be better news the Hulu drama will return for season 2 on Wednesday 25th April.
Since the Elisabeth Moss-starring series jumps right back into the action with its sophomore year premiere “June,” you're probably going to need a refresher course in all things Gilead. So, keep reading to remember where we left off with our heroine June Osborne (Moss), whose Gilead name “Offred” will never be used, & Co.
Then, prepare for the very good, very tense, Handmaid's Tale season 2.
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