All The Magical Romantic Comedies, Ranked By Absurdity

Photo: Courtesy of STX Entertainment.
Every movie requires magic, but romances need a lot of magic. So much so that they often employ real, sparkly, fairy-godmother style magic, as in the new movie I Feel Pretty, which arrives in cinemas this month. In I Feel Pretty, Amy Schumer plays a woman who, after a nasty fall at SoulCycle, is magicked into thinking she's abundantly beautiful. Abracadabra, there it is: an incident to catalyse an entire feature-length film.
Romantic comedies like this kind of trickery. Is it sad that we feel the need to introduce magic into a movie in order to force characters to fall in love? Maybe. But, magic as a way of elevating romantic plots is a tale as old as time. Hell, even Adam and Eve needed divine intervention to find each other. Literally! Adam needed a love interest, so God popped in and conveniently provided one, though not without recycling a tiny part of Adam. A few thousand years later, and this model still stands: In order to fall in love, some deus ex machina better get involved, or else nothing will happen. That's called inertia.
Ahead, the romantic comedies that involved magical spells or intervention, ranked from least to most absurd. For this piece, we're specifically talking magic stuff, so bets, family trickery, and "I'm writing a piece for a big magazine" betrayals don't count. We've also narrowed the category to romantic comedies only. This did, unfortunately, rule out a number of Disney Channel Original programming, as well as a few romantic dramas.

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