An All-Encompassing Refresher Before Westworld Season 2

Photo: John P. Johnson/HBO..
There are few shows more difficult to understand than Westworld. The HBO sci-fi epic is essentially built on countless secret time jumps, mind-bending twists, and schemes hidden away in computer coding. And, to add insult to injury, the purposefully obscure Jonathan Nolan-Lisa Joy collaboration hasn’t released a new episode in nearly a year and a half.
Even if you did understand season 1 finale “The Bicameral Mind” when it aired in December 2016, it’s likely those memories have turned fuzzy in the 16 months since. To be honest, our Westworld heroine Dolores Abernathy (Evan Rachel Wood) would probably commiserate.
In an effort to make the approaching Sunday 22nd April season 2 premiere a lot less confusing, it’s time to travel inside the maze that is Westworld and retrieve all those dusty memories. So, we made this exhaustive explainer detailing all the biggest plot points of “Bicameral.” Keep reading to find out where we left off with our robot hosts and doomed humans (and boy, are they doomed).
This way, you can actually enjoy the upcoming opener, “Journey Into Night,” rather than spend the entire hour frantically Googling “What the hell happened last year on Westworld?!”

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