These Are The Best Music Movies Of All Time

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Take note of the Instagram stories of your favourite influencers, because a mass exodus to Indio, California, is taking place, and they’re probably a part of it. For two weekends in April, people flock to the Coachella Music Festival to bask in music, flash tats, and the latest trends. Those lucky enough to attend 2018's festival will see performances by Beyonce, Cardi B, SZA, St. Vincent, Haim, and over 160 more.
And what are the rest of us to do? Seek out trendy food places nearby and take pictures of ourselves as if to say: “We’re still fun, even though we’re not at Coachella!” Seems like a lot of effort. I, for one, would rather watch a movie.
If you can't attend Coachella and listen to the music, you can watch movies about bands. Movies that capture a slice of the backstage dynamics going on, perhaps, at Coachella. Movies that mimic the thrill of live music performances, and leave you buzzing. Movies you can sing along to. Here are our favourite movies about bands and artists, and the best songs from each.
So don't sulk about not going to Coachella. Go buy some fancy popcorn, and relax.

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