Penn Badgley's New Show About Stalkers In New York Is Totally Not Creepy At All

Photo: Courtesy of Lifetime..
Wow! Penn Badgley sure likes to be a creep.
Badgley was a meddling gossip king in Gossip Girl — and now he's back to one-up himself with his latest role in Lifetime's You. We've known about Badgley's involvement in the thriller series since last autumn, but we finally got a look at the trailer for it, and it's a lot.
For those unfamiliar with You, it based on a 2014 book of the same name, written by Caroline Kepnes. I have not read it, but my friend did and said it was... creepy! Especially if you live in Brooklyn, and are open to the idea of dating someone who looks like Badgley because — yikes! — he turns out to be a stalker.
So, Badgley plays Joe, your average millennial dude working in a book store, who "saves" a woman named Guinevere Beck (Elizabeth Lali) from being literally run over by a subway train in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. He uses the opportunity to start a relationship with her, and then it gets weird. Later, it's clear that he is secretly stalking her on social media to manipulate her into falling for him (for example, we seem him browsing her Instagram account which is regrettably called "Beckdel Test").
While Beck is being romanced/stalked by Joe, we also meet her best friend Peach Salinger (yes, she is a descendant of J.D. Salinger, which, lol), who is played by Pretty Little Liars' Shay Mitchell. Peach is also obsessed with Beck, as seen in this extremely very unsettling photo below, where both Peach and Joe are watching Beck take a bath.
Also, it looks like someone is going to get hurt or die, because there was a scene with a gun in a drawer which 99.9% of the time means someone to going to get shot in the season finale.
Check out the full trailer below. And don't stand so close to the subway tracks.
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