Let's Hope Jughead's Little Sister Is As Extra As He Is

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The second season of Riverdale introduced us to the long-lost Cooper sibling Chic (Hart Denton). Now, we'll meet a missing member of the Jones family as well — though, hopefully, this reunion will be a lot more pleasant for Jughead (Cole Sprouse) than Chic joining the Cooper clan was for Betty (Lili Reinhart). According to TVLine's Ask Ausiello spoiler column, we're going to meet Jughead's mother and his sister Jellybean soon.
"They're coming," an executive producer on the series teased to TVLine of Jughead's missing family members. That tidbit of info actually makes a lot of sense, considering that F.P. (Skeet Ulrich) did just reveal that Hiram (Mark Consuelos) had promised him a penthouse apartment large enough to fit all of the Joneses. Whether F.P. actually does take the crooked businessman up on that very obvious bribe kind offer, we won't know until Riverdale returns from its brief hiatus — but it does remind fans that, oh right, Jughead has more family out there than just the one he created with the Southside Serpents.
Right now it's unclear if Jellybean and her unnamed mom will arrive before the end of season 2, or if she will appear during the third season of the teen mystery series. On Monday, The CW renewed Riverdale for season 3, meaning that we now have oodles of time to get to know the MIA members of Jughead's family. My question is just how much like Jughead will Jellybean be? Will she have her own signature clothing item, a la Jughead's weirdo hat and "S" shirt? Will she also compose Truman Capote-like novels in a booth at Pop's? Fingers crossed she's even more Jughead than Jughead.
As for Jughead's mum, we know very little about F.P.'s still-unnamed estranged wife — though her presence definitely throws a wrench into the F.P./Alice ship. While it seemed that Alice (Mädchen Amick) might finally be falling for her former Southside classmate, that could all change with the arrival of his spouse.
Casting has yet to be announced for these new roles, but Ulrich does have someone in mind that should please any '90s baby. He told TVLine that he really wants Neve Campbell, whom he starred alongside in Scream and The Craft, to join the Riverdale cast as his onscreen love:
"She’s very talented, and I think the reference to Scream would really tickle people," Ulrich told the outlet.
As for Jellybean? So far, fans have been hoping that Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown will snag the role — though it seems unlikely given that season 3 of the Netflix series is also ramping up. Whoever earns the part, she better be a true weirdo.

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