Westworld Is Home To Rebellious Robots & A-List Celebrity Siblings

Photo: Barry King/Getty Images
Gustaf Skarsgård (Vikings) is heading to Westworld to experience a dystopian future filled with robots, sex, and violence for the show's second season — and he's in good company.
The actor, who is perhaps best known for being related to Hollywood A-listers, Alexander (True Blood, Big Little Lies) and Bill Skarsgård (IT, Hemlock Grove), joins other noted celebrity brother, Luke Hemsworth — you know, Liam and Chris' lesser-known eldest brother.
If there's a market for slightly less-successful siblings, HBO seems to have it cornered. Who could blame them? Skarsgård and Hemsworth are two of the hottest surnames on the market, and with seven brothers between the two families, it doesn't really matter which one you nab, so long as you've got one!
Skarsgård, too, is thrilled about the news.
"It's probably one of my favourite television shows of all time...I think it's so intelligent and aesthetically beautiful and I really think it's a great show," he told Entertainment Weekly. "So I'm just flattered to be a part of it in any capacity."
Though Skarsgård told ET that he'll be portraying Karl Strand, an ex-military guy "who works for the corporation," he wasn't able to confirm anything else about the upcoming season. Thankfully, he was able to give insight to something much more interesting: His family dynamic.
"There's always [a rivalry]," he said. "Of course there can be jealousy and insecurities and whatnot, because that's inherent in this profession as it is. And then if you have that close to you, within your family, if your brother is doing great when you are not, that's a reminder of that."
Just as blood is thicker than water, Skarsgård said familial pride runs deeper than envy.
"Even if I'm at my lowest, insecurity and everything, I would still always wish the best for my brothers," he said. "But when you're doing well yourself, you just have more excess of happiness for your brothers."
Guess what we know he and Hemsworth will be talking about on their lunch breaks!

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