Meghan Markle's TV Boyfriend Defended Her Against A Politician's Racist Tweet

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A word from Suits star Patrick J. Adams: Do not come for Meghan Markle on Twitter.
The internet may bestow plenty of gifts upon its user (puppy videos, Netflix, the ability to order food to your door without ever having to talk to an actual human being) but there's no question that the web has a dark side. Twitter seems to attract the grossest of trolls, many of whom use the social media platform as a sounding board for their racist attitudes.
Sadly, some of these trolls are actual politicians — such as Paul Nehlen, an alt-right Republican candidate with aspirations to unseat House Speaker Paul Ryan in Wisconsin's primaries this November.
This week, Nehlen took to Twitter to share an image of Markle's husband-to-be, Prince Harry (maybe you've heard of him?) standing next to the "Cheddar Man," an image of what is presumed to be the first Briton, which has dark skin and blue eyes. Nehlen placed the Cheddar Man's face over Markle's. Nehlen's tweet is unavailable as his account has since been suspended, but the caption of the picture was reportedly:
"Honey does this tie make my skin look pale?"
While Markle (who does not have a Twitter) has not responded to this sad attempt for attention tweet, her Suits co-star Adams did. Adams, who has portrayed Markle's character Rachel's love interest Mike on the USA drama since 2011, took to the social media outlet to share his own thoughts on the politician's racist comment:
"Oh @pnehlen - you’re a sad and sick man with no sense of shame or class. Get a life. And don’t go anywhere near MM - she’s got more power, strength, honour and compassion in her fingernail than you’ll ever know in this lifetime. Way above your weight class."
This isn't the first time that Nehlen's vile Twitter presence has caused a stir: He has previously come under fire for anti-Semitic remarks. (Is there a bridge that suspended Twitter trolls like to hang out under?)
Nehlen's since-defunct Twitter account may be one of the most troubling things the internet has to offer, but at least there are people like Adams ready to tell hate to take a hike.

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