Your First Netflix Binge Is Probably Embarrassing & Here's How To Find It

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Netflix wanted us to remember our first, and we took the bait. In a saucy tweet, the streaming site told us exactly how to find out what was the "first" show we really devoured on Netflix. That means three episodes in a row, just you, your couch, and a loose-fitting pair of pants. (During my first binge-watch, I wore a blue nightgown from Target!) If you go to your account, then viewing history and scroll alllllllll the way down, you can spy on the first show you ever binged. Eager for some introspection, the Refinery29 entertainment team decided to take a look in the mirror and ask: What was my first? And what does that say about me as a television viewer? What does it say about television in general?
On our journey, we discovered that Netflix's system isn't totally effective, especially if you share a Netflix account with family members. Records show that my first binge-watch was Friends in 2015, but I know for a fact that I binged shows way before 2015. Some of us even binged shows with honest-to-goodness DVDs. Remember when Netflix sent those in the mail? How very arcane.
In celebration of Valentine's Day, Netflix, and binge-watching, the Refinery29 entertainment team gathered our "firsts" — the shows we first binged — in one place, just so we can ruminate on them. The most binge-able shows vary quite a bit, actually. It's fun to reminisce.
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