This Is How Much A Kardashian Flower Arrangement Costs

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Kylie Jenner returned to Snapchat this past Monday, one day after the surprise announcement that she had given birth to her daughter, Stormi. After swiping through the first six Snaps, we noticed a pattern. Some of us went back for screenshots so we could more closely examine the situation, while others turned to texts or tweets to try and make sense of it all. What it looked like from these 10-second flashes was that flowers were taking over Kylie Jenner’s home.
Anyone well-versed in the habits and luxurious quirks of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, knows they love flowers. When entertaining, even just for their weekly family dinners (see Khloé’s most recent Snaps), they decorate with precise arrangements. However, with multiple births and pregnancies to celebrate, lately there have been more flowers than ever before blasted across the Kardashian-Jenner social media accounts.
Each arrangement during this period of heavy floral concentration has, of course, been, well, extra. We’re not talking about a crystal vase with a few dozen stems. We are talking about full on living sculptures. Most of the displays have been made of roses, which are then shaped into letters, hearts, paw prints, and the weirdest so far: a skull. We could no longer consume Snap after Snap featuring another new extravagant arrangement without asking some questions. And, of course, the number one thing we wanted needed to know was: How much might one of these arrangements might set you back?
Here's the thing: For as much as America’s royal family loves to show the world the molded arrangements that show up at their homes, it’s near impossible to uncover specific details about them. First, we reached out to Jeff Leatham, the celebrity florist who is close friends with the family — Kris Jenner officiated his October wedding to Colton Hayes — and also happens to be their go-to florist. When we got Leatham on the phone to see if any of Kylie’s recently shared floral gifts had come from his studio, he explained that because he’s a friend of the family and they are his clients, he could not provide us with any information. We get it, you can’t exactly cross someone who has communed with God on behalf of you and your S.O., especially if that someone is Kris Jenner.
Next we reached out to around ten florists in the Los Angeles-area to see if they could share an expert opinion. Sohee Choo, the general manager of Empty Vase in West Hollywood told us that the business had worked with the Kardashian-Jenner family in the past and had signed an NDA, so she too was unable to help.
After even more digging, it became clear that even the florists who had never worked with the Kardashian-Jenners did not want to speculate about their flower proclivities. Finally, we tracked down one California florist who was willing to give us some price estimates, but asked for anonymity to be included in our piece. After we spoke on the phone, they contacted us again via email to reiterate the anonymity request. The rejections and anonymity requests may seem extreme, but we get it: Discretion reigns supreme for celebrities, and all of the florists we spoke to (or didn't speak to) were protecting their clients.
By looking, at the photos on social media, our mystery florist estimated that the large round ball of white, light pink, hot pink, and red roses sent to Kylie and Stormi by Kim and Kanye cost around $5,000. The large vases of roses, which we believe were from Travis Scott or whoever “my [heart emoji]” is, probably cost around $1,500. From what we've seen on social media, Kylie alone received around a dozen such arrangements; if you do that math, that's anywhere from $18,000 to $60,000 worth of flowers. Based on wholesale rose prices, and the fact that Kylie stated the exact number of roses in one particular arrangement (443, for the time Stormi was born), that second price estimation checks out.
We also asked how these elaborate arrangements are set up. They confirmed the studio would have sent someone into Kylie’s home to put it together, especially with something cascading and sculptural like what Khloé sent. The florist revealed that even when there aren’t baby girls involved, the Kardashian-Jenners tend to gravitate towards pinks, whites, and pale colors with their flower arrangements.
Our journey to find out how much money had been spent on flowers for Kylie Jenner since she gave birth left us with two key takeaways. First, we learned that Kim and Kanye may have spent more on one congratulatory flower arrangement for Kylie than they did on their newsworthy see-through crib. Second, no one can strike panic in the hearts of florists quite like the Kardashian-Jenner family.

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