After Two Years, We Finally Have A Jessica Jones Trailer To Be Excited About

Photo: Netflix.
Jessica Jones premiered on Netflix in December of 2015. Almost two and a half years later, it's hard to muster excitement for the second season. Look, the time has passed! The moment's over. Netflix released a lackluster trailer for the second season in December that mostly showed Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter) smashing things. The second trailer, though, which was released today, is a different story.
The new trailer starts with a car crash — more smashing of things — but later delves into the more specific details of the second season. The first season saw Jessica Jones battling a demented villain with the power to compel obedience. The second season is more about Jones's history, something the first season neglected to discuss.
"My whole family was killed in a car accident. Someone did horrific experiments and now this super vigilante shit keeps coming at me," Jones says in the trailer, scowling. (Scowling is kind of her thing.)
So, while she's investigating a killer, Jones is also grappling with her history, which has left her with a bizarre set of superpowers. She has super strength and some flying abilities, although the series has purposefully left the specifics of her powers unclear. This season will be about discovering exactly what they are, though.
"You were brought back from the dead. The powers were a side effect," says a mysterious woman (played by Janet McTeer, who was announced as one of season two's new cast members).
All of this is significantly more galvanising than the earlier teaser, and you can colour us intrigued. This show is an important one, and after a shower of middling Marvel content, Jones looks like it can shake up the status quo. Jessica Jones is one of a select few women-led superhero franchises, both on and off-screen. For the second season, show runner Melissa Rosenberg hired only women directors to helm all 13 episodes. And Jones herself as a character is as powerful as they come. When a male character tells her he "won't take no for an answer" in the trailer, Jones replies, "How rapey of you."
Watch the full trailer, below.
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