Call Him By His Nickname: A Guide To Talking About Timothée Chalamet

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I've had just about enough of people mispronouncing Timothée Chalamet's name, I say! Both Chalamet and actress Saoirse Ronan are up for Oscars this year — a tongue-tied interviewer's worst nightmare — and both have spent much of the past few months clarifying and explaining and laughing jovially when, for the 15 millionth time, someone calls Ronan "Sah-our-see." As for Chalamet, he's had to deal with mispronunciations of his own (he told E! on the SAG red carpet that the worst he's heard was "Chairmont"), but he also has a handful of nicknames to keep up with as well. In an effort to eliminate confusion, especially because we're sure to see a lot of Chalamet these next few months (and, fingers crossed, years) I've put together a guide pronouncing and remembering this newcomer's many monikers. Study up, dammit!
1. Timothée Chalamet (Tim-oh-THEE Sha-la-may)
The classic. The OG. What you say when your friends ask you who your phone background is.
2. Timothée Chalamet (Tim-oh-TAY Sha-la-may)
What you say when your French friends ask you who your phone background is.
3. Timmy
When you're running short on time, or, when I see him on the streets of New York and forget we don't actually know each other so I just call out "Timmy!" before realising my horrible mistake.
4. Timmy T
The first of many rap names the 22-year-old slipped into the many videos of himself rapping in high school that have surfaced.
5. Little Timmy Tim
This is another rap name, but for the full experience, watch this:
6. 甜茶
The nickname given to Chalamet by his Chinese fans, which means...
7. Sweet Tea
Probably my favorite of all the nicknames.
8. Elio Elio Elio Elio Elio (continues for infinity)
I won't spoil Call Me By Your Name if you haven't seen it yet, but one of the final utterances is Chalamet's character's name, "Elio Elio Elio Elio Elio," whispered over and over. Elio Elio Elio Elio Elio is both a nickname and a career-defining moment, and the character that will follow Chalamet into what I am certain is even more success.
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