This Spoiler About Betty & Chic's Relationship Will Make You Uncomfortable

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The Cooper siblings are bonding, and I am so very uncomfortable.
According to a new Riverdale spoiler from TV Guide, Betty (Lili Reinhart) and her long-lost brother Chic (Hart Denton) are still hanging out, which means that Betty didn't wake up to find her sibling creepily standing over her bed. According to TV Guide, Chic will help Betty battle some of the same "inner demons" that Chic, who was never placed with a family after Alice (Mädchen Amick) put him up for adoption, has conquered via "fantasy fulfilment." And yeah, just in case you were wondering, TV Guide confirms it gets a lot sexier, and weirder, than Betty's Serpent striptease.
From what it sounds like, the spoiler is referring to Chic's job, which he does with a video camera from inside his crappy apartment. We don't know what Chic really was doing in there, but it certainly seemed like he was creating some kind of R-rated content for strangers on the web. What 20-year-old Chic wants to do is his business (TV Guide stated that he has done some "desperate things to survive") but umm... maybe he could teach Betty coding instead? Or literally anything else?
After all, is it not completely and utterly bizarre that Betty and Chic are teaming up for something sexy, if that's indeed what's happening here? Riverdale certainly likes to play fast and loose with incest (Betty's sister had twins with her third cousin) but the last thing that I want is for Chic to teach his little sister how to strip for strangers via webcam. That's even more uncomfortable than Betty writhing around on a pole in front of her mom and her boyfriend's dad.
Actress Reinhart might be happy about one thing within this plot line: It sounds like Betty might finally have some fun.
"I want to see [Betty] have a good time," Reinhart said during her interview with Cosmopolitan. She added: "I also want to see her explore her sexuality. She never gets to — she's always stressed! Poor girl."
Well, I guess we'll just have to see what's in store for Ms. Cooper come Wednesday's episode of Riverdale.

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