How To Make This Unexpected Hair Trend Work For You

Photo: George Pimentel/WireImage.
Like a really good bob, a fringe will never cease to exist. Its popularity ebbs and flows, but we'd argue that this is the year fringe is back for goodirrational fear behind the cut be damned. Except in 2018, people are getting bolder by taking the trend one step further... and shorter. If you haven't guessed already, we're talking about a baby fringe.
Micro-bangs have always been the persona non grata of the fringe family. (Just take a look at the cut's history.) Save for Mia Farrow, people have shied away from trying the blunt look for years. The myth maintains that it takes a certain person to pull it off — but we're here to tell you that's not true. In fact, we'd like to make a case for the opposite argument: When done right, baby bangs can be universally flattering. Don't believe us? Maybe Emma Watson, Alison Sudol, and Bella Hadid, just to name a few, will convince you.
Ahead, we've rounded up the coolest micro-bang looks of the year so far that prove making the cut doesn't have to feel like a Groupon appointment gone wrong.

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