Update Your Underwear Drawer With These Lingerie Brands

Photo Courtesy of Lara Intimates.
While it may not be practical or affordable to own only the finest lingerie, there's no doubting the transformative magic of a beautiful set of underwear. You know, the kind that has the ability to make you feel sexy, comfortable and powerful.
Above all else, wearing beautiful lingerie should be about how it makes you feel. "For the longest time, a woman’s relationship to lingerie has been defined by others," Julia Haart, creative director of La Perla, tells Refinery29. "Whether it’s what she reads in magazines or the messages she receives from the men in her life, there has always been someone else telling her how she should dress. We have been so hard on ourselves; we follow trends and seek perfection and we are too afraid to know ourselves."
Until now, that is. Emerging and established lingerie brands are embracing the modern woman's relationship with her underwear, which is, essentially, that it has to work for you – whatever your mood. "I believe in individual expression. A woman who wears what she wants when she wants makes an ultimate statement of freedom. We should feel good about ourselves and choose things that make us feel beautiful and powerful. There is nothing sexier than self-confidence."
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