25 Celebrity Conspiracy Theories That Just Won't Die

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images/TIDAL.
Ah, celebrity conspiracy theories. They're the source of ire in the lives of the celebs they're about, and a source of jokes at parties for the rest of us. "Did you know that Katie Holmes has her own entrance into Whole Foods?" we'll hear at dinner with friends, while proclaiming that it can't possibly be true...until we rush home to Google it later.
Urban legends about famous folks tend to follow a few different scripts: deaths, or so-and-so died, and their body was replaced with a double. Hoaxes in the form of faked pregnancies, faked traumatic situations, even faked disabilities.
These theories bubble up on the internet and have homes in hastily-created YouTube videos. While they've been around for a long time, the web has given them new life, and allowed conspiracy theories to spring up quicker than before.
Some stars are magnets for these myths. For example, Beyoncé has been the source of several conspiracy theories. Is it her untouchable level of fame? Is it the fact that she's so media-trained? Or are people just strange? We'll take a look into some of the more enduring Yoncé theories.
Some of these theories are obviously implausible, but some are frighteningly real and have had real-life consequences. The notion that Courtney Love killed her husband Kurt Cobain has been used to discredit her work in her band, Hole. It's worth noting that some of these theories often have their base in racism, ageism, misogyny, and more, and at their roots, are meant to take away from the work that these people do.
The truth is out there, so let's explore some of the more popular celeb conspiracy theories.

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