Jason Momoa Has Already Won The Game Of Spoilers

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Rumour has it that if you hold a seashell to your ear you can hear the Game of Thrones theme song softly playing in the distance, getting louder as we get closer to the to-be-announced release date.
OK, I made that up, but there is a rumour that's verifiably true: The series finale is going to be wild, and none other than Khal Drogo can confirm it.
According to The AV Club, Jason Momoa recently ventured over to Belfast, Ireland, (as you casually do) where he hung out with his old pals and on-screen enemies and learned all about the fate of Westeros.
Unfortunately, he's not allowed to tell a soul what's going to go down. But, because the next best thing to spilling a secret is telling someone you have a secret, Momoa decided to tease some deets to Entertainment Weekly anyway.
"It's going to be the greatest thing that's ever aired on TV," he told EW, probably with a smug smile on his face as he played with his gorgeous ombre hair. "It's going to be unbelievable. It's going to fuck up a lot of people."
And, like all great humblebrags, Momoa had to throw in the, "I didn't want to know what's going on" line, saying that it was ultimately "a bummer because I'm a huge fan."
Back to the important part — and, no I don't mean him proclaiming that it's going to be the best thing ever. I'll decide my feelings on that once I've seen it. What I need to know is how messed up this episode is going to be on a scale of Bran dying (meh) to Joffrey rising from the dead (the worst thing imaginable). Do we need to start scheduling tentative sick days in our calendars from here until the end of 2019 because we're going to be too emotional/angry to work? Or, should I start stocking up on party supplies because finale night is going to be one of the most memorable moments of my life? I don't feel like requesting answers to these questions is too much to ask.
Since that won't happen, though, I guess we'll all just have to fill our obsessing over our own theories and wondering what's up with this enigmatic set.

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