There's A Mysterious New Game Of Thrones Set & Fans Are Already Speculating

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
Game of Thrones fans, this is your warning for serious spoilers. Avoid this post like it has greyscale if you want to be truly surprised when season 8 airs, eventually.
Fan site Watchers on the Wall has the scoop on some new construction happening at the set of Winterfell, as well as some unexpected characters who've been spotted around the Stark castle.
First off, the Watchers report that the Unsullied warriors have been filming in Toome, Ireland. When we last left the Unsullied, they were holed up at Casterly Rock, having just taken it from a Lannister skeleton army, while the bulk of them were off sacking Highgarden. The Unsullied are also sporting new dragonglass-tipped spears, which means they will be fighting White Walkers, thank to Jon Snow's mining efforts at Dragonstone. We're hoping the Unsullied warriors also hired a tailor to make them some winter gear — their sleeveless chest armor can't possibly keep them warm up in the North.
Next, Watchers has some exclusive images of the Winterfell set ground covered in white tarp, which they assume is for the foundation for fake (possibly CGI?) snow. This means that something major will be happening right outside the gates of the Stark castle. Could the White Walkers have made it far enough past the Wall to have reached the North's stronghold? We sure hope not, because there's still three Starks left alive at Winterfell, and we need them to LIVE.
Please, HBO, for the sake of all our hearts, please do not kill off any more Starks. Haven't they suffered enough?
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