Everything I Missed From The Call Me By Your Name Book While Watching The Film

Courtesy of Sony Classics
When each instalment of the Harry Potter series arrived to cinemas, it seemed a contingent of militant fans would sit in the last row, taking copious notes on discrepancies between the books and the films. Each detail left out of the film stung like a miniature arrow; by the film’s end, fans would leave the cinema bleeding for their favourite detail neglected by Hollywood. I know, because I was one of those fans.
My days of fact-checking are over, and I won’t be approaching the differences between the book and film versions of Call Me By Your Name with such bitterness. Rather, this article is just to sate simple curiosity. What differences are there between the gorgeous, two hour-long film version of Call Me By Your Name, and the gorgeous, 256-page novel version of Call Me By Your Name by André Aciman? Quite a few, actually. Here’s a spoiler: Novel Elio is far, far more neurotic than film Elio.
So, if you’re not going to read the book — which you should! — these are the big differences between the two works you should know.

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