Why Is Demi Lovato Wearing A Wedding Dress?

Ever wonder what Demi Lovato will look like if she gets married and does the big wedding, complete with designer gown, veil, jewels, and picturesque outdoor setting? Wonder no more, because Lovato has posted a photo on her Instagram of herself in bridal regalia that has her fans' tongues wagging.
Lovato posted no comment by way of explanation along with the photo, but judging by their comments, the smart money is on it being a teaser for a new music video. Since she has only dropped a video for "Sorry Not Sorry" from her latest album, Tell Me You Love Me, it's about time for a second, epic video from the singer.

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However, the image has also sparked the imagination of shippers — specifically those who would like to see Lovato in a relationship with her business partner, Nick Jonas. The duo run a record label together, have toured together, and some fans would like to see them walk down the aisle together, apparently.
“Where's nick at,” commented nursu_kurt, followed by the crying laughing emoji and three hearts — a sentiment echoed in numerous comments on the photo.
lovaticforlife3is wasn’t so sure we should narrow it down, referencing one of Demi’s exes and one new, rumoured romance when they asked,” is it Nick, Neymar or Wilmerrrrr?”
And a few optimistic fans assumed Demi must be ready to accept their proposals, of course.
If we're sticking with the music video theory (and we should), the most likely candidate for Lovato's next single is the album's eponymous track, "Tell Me You Love Me." The track focuses on a relationship that is passionate, if less than healthy. So will Lovato get left at the altar, or be a runaway bride in it? We're on the edge of our seats, waiting to find out.
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