Aretha Franklin Is Not Dead, Please Show A Little Respect

Photo: Taylor Hill/Getty Images.
Don't break out the mourning clothes and handkerchiefs just yet — Aretha Franklin is alive and well.
Fans of the Queen of Soul met a brief scare on Tuesday, when an Aretha Franklin fan account tweeted that the 75-year-old singer had passed away. "It Is With Sad News That We Announce The Passing Of The Queen Of Soul Aretha Franklin 1942-2017 #RipArethaFranklin #ArethaFranklin," the tweet, sent from the account @ArethaFranklinn, read. The tweet quickly garnered more than 1,900 retweets and more than 2,200 likes, so it's easy to see how people might have been confused.
In fact, the tweet got so much attention that Franklin herself heard about the rumours, addressing them in a statement emailed to Us Weekly.
"I'm doing well generally, all test have come back good. I've lost a lot of weight due to side effects of medicine, it affects your weight… Thanxxxx for your concern," the statement reads.
Franklin currently lives in Michigan, and based on her statement, it sounds like she's doing quite well.
Hours after the first tweet, the Aretha Franklin fan account sent a followup message: "Update: NOT DEAD."
Considering the fact that those are the account's only two tweets, though, it sounds like the whole thing might have been an elaborate prank.
Shaun Robinson, an Access Hollywood host, also tweeted a statement on Tuesday to clear things up.
"Good Morning, Everyone. I just spoke to one of Ms. Franklin's family friends in my hometown Detroit. They spoke to Aretha moments ago and asked me to tell you please don't believe this news that was trending. Have a good day," Robinson's tweet reads.
So there you have it: Aretha Franklin is doing just fine.
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