This Explains Why You Grew Up Thinking Anastasia Was A Disney Film

She's an orphan who goes on a grand quest to uncover her royal heritage. She’s trailed by a cute animal sidekick. She wears dresses that inexplicably sparkle. Clearly, Anastasia Romanoff would have been a prototypical Disney princess, were it not for one big, whopping problem: Anastasia is not a Disney film.
Anastasia, which came out 20 (!) years ago today, was produced by Fox Animation Studios, a studio built to compete with the animation behemoth that was Disney. Aside from the plot points resembling a Disney film, there's one major reason why this classic cartoon of a long-lost Russian princess often gets mixed-up with Disney classics: Anastasia was animated by two former Disney animators, Don Bluth and Gary Goldman, who left the company in 1979 with the intention of creating art, like the older Disney movies. "We knew we had to, to try resurrect what was beautiful and what Walt [Disney] believed in,” Bluth said in an interview.
When creating Anastasia, it's clear that Bluth and Goldman were inspired by their former employer. Here are all they ways they emulated a Disney classic film.
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