The Internet Can't Stop Confusing These Two Actresses & It's Gotten Out Of Hand

If you assumed that MINDHUNTER's Dr. Wendy Carr was portrayed by Carrie Coon, well, you're hardly alone. Sorry to burst your bubble, Coon loyalists, but the psychologist (who is based on the real-life Dr. Ann Wolbert Burgess, a "living legend" invaluable in the study of criminal behavior) isn't a character listed on the Leftovers' star's IMDb page. Wendy is actually played by Anna Torv, whom Fringe fans already know as Olivia Dunham.
But don't feel too bad if you mixed up these two talented actresses — you're hardly alone. So many people have that Coon clarified the MINDHUNTER mix-up on her own Twitter page.
"I'll never tell. Currently: MARY JANE @ New York Theatre Workshop. That's not me on Mindhunter," reads Coon's current Twitter bio.
It makes perfect sense, considering the Gone Girl actress has read so many comments praising her performance in the David Fincher-helmed Netflix series.
"TELL ME U GUYS HAVE SEEN THE TRAILER 4 MINDHUNTER?? David Fincher! Jonathan Groff! Carrie Coon! Serial killers!," tweeted one fan, who got three out of four things right.
"Yo carrie coon was amazing in mindhunter," added another.
"I didn’t realize that was Carrie Coon in #Mindhunter this whole time!," tweeted one misinformed fan. "Such a brilliant actress. Just give her all the Emmys! @carriecoon"
"It's not, but thanks," tweeted back Coon.
If you're wondering why everyone just started thinking that Torv is Coon and vice versa, it's likely because of one thing: The Hair. Sure, Torv and Coon definitely look similar, but back in her Fringe days, Torv was rocking long blonde hair — it would be hard to have mixed these two up back then. Now that the MINDHUNTER actress has a polished brown bob, she's definitely giving off Coon-like vibes.
Here's the side-by-side evidence.
Photo: Patrick Harbron/Netflix
Photo: Courtesy of HBO
Just to make everything more confusing, some people think that Cate Blanchett looks just like Torv these days.
"Cate Blanchett looked distractingly like Anna Torv in Thor: Ragnarok too," wrote a fan.
"Please write a project where Anna Torv & Carrie Coon plays sisters. Toss in Cate Blanchett while you're at it," suggested another.
We'll be keeping an eye on Blanchett's social media to see if she starts clarifying her identity.

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