The True Story Behind Demi Lovato's Insane Grey's Anatomy Episode

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Being able to hear everything that goes on inside your body seems like a condition that only exists on TV, right? That's the ailment that Hayley May, played by Demi Lovato, faced in a season 6 episode of Grey's Anatomy. But apparently, it's not as far-fetched as it sounds.
In this week's episode of ABC's web series Post-Op, real-life doctors Zoanne Clack and Fred Einesman discuss how realistic the medical cases on Grey's are. And surprisingly, they're actually more true-to-life than you might think.
Clack and Einesman revisited that season 6 episode, and Clack confirmed that Hayley's symptoms do occur in real life.
"As a matter of fact, it's such a real thing that we got a letter sometime after it aired from a mother who had been having a lot of problems with her child. They'd been kind of shuffled from doctor to doctor," Clack says to host Gordon James in the episode. "And once they'd heard about superior canal dehiscence syndrome, or something like that, they took him to an EMT to ask, specifically, for a test for this, and that's what they had. So that was a definite win."
Aside from being a medical doctor, Clack is a writer and producer on Grey's. So she knows the ins and outs of the show, as well as about what's medically realistic.
"We sort of make sure that all the medicine is as close to real as possible," Einesman adds about the show during the Post-Op episode. So while all of the love triangles and doctor drama might seem ridiculous, it turns out the actual medicine on the show isn't ridiculous at all. Check out the episode over at ABC — the discussion of Lovato's character starts around 4:18 in the clip.

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