Anna Faris Says Her Mum Won't Read Her New Book

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Anna Faris has been promoting her new book Unqualified all over Hollywood, but it seems that the sitcom star has yet to convince one person to read her thoughts on life, love, and missteps. Who won't be picking up a copy of the Scary Movie star's new work? Well, according to the actress, Faris' own mum.
Not to worry, though — there's no tension between the Mom actress and her real-life parent. In fact, not reading Faris' Unqualified — which is based on her popular podcast of the same name — is actually a "gift" of sorts to her daughter.
On The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, the actress revealed that her mum already told her she won't be sitting down with a copy of Unqualified. The reason is valid: Faris' mother would like to spare any awkwardness.
When asked by Colbert if the book ever got "spicy," Faris replied:
"My mum came down to the kitchen the other day, and she said 'Ani, I'm going to give you a gift. I'm not going to read your book.' Because I talk about the guys that I slept with, and the times I've been in love, the times I've messed up."
If Faris' own mother has no plans to read the book due to its R-rated content, Colbert asked if CBS — the network which airs Faris' sitcom Mom, and The Late Show — could do a TV adaptation of it. Faris considered for a beat, then replied with a solid "No."
"That's a book I would read," declared Colbert.
Well, there's that.
One person likely to read the book? Faris' soon-to-be ex-husband Chris Pratt, who wrote the foreward.
"He was so kind to do that," Faris said during an interview on Live With Kelly & Ryan. "We're great...He’s amazing. We’re great friends and we always will be."

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