The Reason Why You Won’t See Kate Middleton Wearing Nail Polish

Photo: Tim Rooke/REX/Shutterstock.
Kate Middleton is exactly the type of person for whom the expression "prim and proper" was created. She is always impeccably groomed, dressed in the most polished dress, blouse, or sweater that then immediately sells out, with glowing skin worth £642 in Karin Herzog products and not a single split end in sight. Even the reflection bouncing off her hair looks like it belongs next to the shiny gold chandeliers in Kensington Palace.
But there's one peculiar thing you might not have noticed about the Duchess of Cambridge. It’s discreet, and certainly easy to miss. It’s her nails — which, as Marie Claire pointed out, have never been pictured with a tinge of nail polish.
Of course, this news shouldn't come as a complete surprise. For nearly 30 years, Queen Elizabeth has maintained a manicure regime that relies on the barely-there pink Ballet Slippers from Essie. Middleton wore a similarly sheer shade, Allure, for her wedding to Prince William in 2011. But multiple reports have speculated that the reason is less about personal preference and more about the royals' strict dress code. Turns out, it's not just cleavage-baring shirts that are off-limits for the British monarchy — bright, flashy nail colours during public events are also out of bounds.
Despite the fact that a pop of nail colour seems like the perfect accessory to complement one's diamond-encrusted Imperial State Crown, we have to admit, it's probably the easiest of beauty treatments to skip. And the upside, should your cuticles ever look particularly out of whack, is that there's always white gloves.
The only shame here is how many bottles of Essie's best-selling Barefoot and Topless Middleton could buy with her reported £28,000 beauty budget. (That would be 4,192.)

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