Pinterest's Most Popular Nail Polish Color Of 2017 Might Surprise You

Given that the nail-art industry prides itself on churning out an endless supply of increasingly bizarre trends, you’d think that the buzziest nail polish on Pinterest would be something a little unorthodox. Something unicorn-themed, maybe, or straight-up loaded with glitter — you know, a real conversation piece.
That is not the case — far from it, in fact. Pinterest’s favorite nail polish of 2017 thus far, according to the social media platform’s data, is Essie’s Topless and Barefoot, a milky, pink-tinged nude that’s exactly the kind of shade a bridezilla would demand all her bridesmaids wear for her big day (via email, in all caps: “REMINDER: ALL BRIDESMAIDS MUST WEAR TOPLESS AND BAREFOOT NO EXCEPTIONS!!”).
You really can’t go wrong with the pretty neutral, which has been one of Essie’s most popular nail polishes since its release in 2011. It's really more of a beige than a traditional nude, if you want to get down to semantics, and it works on every skin tone, goes with absolutely everything, and can be found on the top shelf in most well-stocked nail salons. It’s what one would call a “perennial favorite.” It’s a safe choice — and we say that lovingly, because that’s exactly what gives Topless and Barefoot its universal appeal.
So what does it say about Pinterest’s billions of users, that the one nail polish they can’t get enough of is a simple stalwart? Probably that we’re all so much more basic than we think. Our secret is out — and clearly we’re not the only ones.
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