Blake Lively Speaks Out About Harvey Weinstein On GMA

Photo: Matthew Eisman/Getty Images.
Earlier today, Blake Lively appeared on Good Morning America to talk to Robin Roberts, George Stephanopoulos, and Amy Robach about her new movie All I See Is You, which is set to be released next week. During Lively's GMA visit, she was also asked to comment on all the recent news that has come out about Harvey Weinstein and what it means for the entertainment industry.
After they all chatted about Lively's upcoming film, Robach said to the actress, "Blake, while we have you here, I want to ask you about this avalanche of information that's coming out about Harvey Weinstein because the question is, I mean, you're in the industry, how do you think Hollywood moves on from this point? How do you think it can seize this moment and turn it into something positive?"
Lively responded by first clarifying that sexual harassment and sexual assault are not only issues in her industry. She said, "I think it's important that we acknowledge that this isn't just Hollywood, this is so much more global, and it's not just, 'Oh, guess what, this is what's happening to women suddenly.' This has been happening since the beginning of time, but now people are finally talking about it, and I think that's what's important." Of course, here, Lively misses the mark a bit. People have been talking about these issues for a long time. What she really should have said is, people are finally listening.
The actress went on to reiterate that she only had positive experiences with Harvey Weinstein, but "that goes to show, you don't always see what's going on behind closed doors." After that, she talked about the importance of listening to women, and spoke to how when bosses make it clear that your comfort and safety aren't priorities, it makes you doubt yourself and your experiences. Lively ended by emphasising that we should be taking action and showing support instead of simply talking about it.

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