Khloé Kardashian Finally Responds To Speculation Over Her Pregnancy

Photo: Donato Sardella/Getty Images.
Is she pregnant? Is she not pregnant? Is this another story planted by Russian intelligence? What is real and what is a figment of imagination in 2017? These are the burning questions on all our minds, and we regret to inform you that we aren't any closer to answers as we were when we got out bed this morning. Still! Khloé Kardashian may have referenced the rumoured baby (or croissant) that may be in her belly.
She made her first public appearance post-preggo rumour frenzy at a Nordstrom one-year anniversary event for her size-inclusive Good American denim and leggings brand. She looked stunning as hell in the waxed leggings from her line, and chatted with fans about loving the body she's in.
"My weight fluctuates all the time and I love that at any size I feel comfortable. When I was bigger and wore bigger clothes I looked even bigger. I love embracing my curves no matter what size I am," she said, according to People. Could she be indicating that her weight is about to fluctuate again because she's growing a human? If she is pregnant, she probably can't wait to tell us the good news, but right now she's a study in how to keep a secret.
Khloé went on to talk about how much she respects her mother Kris. "Everything my mom has instilled in us and taught us just raising six crazy kids,” she said when asked about women who influence her. “I just respect all of them so much … as corny as it is," she said of her momager. Is this proof that Khloé too is going to be a mom? We need info, and we need it now. How else are we supposed to arrange a baby shower for you, Khloé?
Regardless, she did shut down speculation that a certain peplum skirt photo is confirmation of, well, anything. It's a photo that fans felt must be some kind of confirmation of her fertilized egg cells. Khloé insists that she is simply posing in a skirt. Buzzfeed notes that she comments on her Instagram, saying "it's just the way the skirt is designed." Maybe we won't get the confirmation we want anytime soon, but we do hope the reported mom-to-be is still taking time to enjoy pregnancy. You only have your first child once.
Photo: @kourtneykardashian/Buzzfeed.

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