Kim Kardashian Stole Her Trademark Catchphrase From An Ex-Boyfriend

Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images.
After 10 years, the Kardashian clan has become synonymous with pop culture in the 2010s. Keeping Up With The Kardashians has gifted us a style of makeup, a way for us to dress, and even a Kardashian brand of slang that we hear everywhere.
In the as-yet unaired 10th Anniversary KUWTK Special, Ryan Seacrest said it best: "The Kardashian family has a language all their own, and after 10 years, they've kept us laughing with their unique brand of (pauses) communication."
Take Kim's signature catchphrase "bible", for instance. It's a way that the family members declare that what they're saying is wholly true; a sort of Kardashian version of "swearing to God" or "swearing on the bible." The whole family uses the term, but it's definitely become part of Kim's vibe over the years. In the special she describes where the term originates from, and the source is even more hilarious than we expected.
"We didn't really start 'bible'," Kim explains. "Kim and I dated brothers in high school," Kourtney interjects, "—and they started it in their family," said Kim. And naturally, it rubbed off on the sisters, and through the show, it rubbed off on us.
What about their other catchphrases? "Okurrrr," which is properly pronounced by rolling the Rs, is a much sassier "okay!". The Kardashian clan doesn't get into the origin story of that one, but the show plays a supercut of the sisters saying it all at the same time, which is every bit as entertaining as you can imagine. When future anthropologists study the cultural significance of this show, we think the various Kardashian catchphrases will provide them with so much material.

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