Jennifer Lawrence’s Mean Tweet Is Really Brutal

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In the 11th iteration of Jimmy Kimmel's "Mean Tweets," Jennifer Lawrence read aloud a rather cutting accusation.
"I bet Jennifer Lawrence gives really unenthusiastic handjobs," the tweet from user @WillFreakin reads. Yeowch.
Lawrence, naturally, took it in stride. "How do they know?" she asked. Citizens, here is proof that Jennifer Lawrence does, indeed, give unenthusiastic hand jobs. (And what if she does? All the power to her limp wrist!)
This is a pretty dirty jab for Mean Tweets. Usually, the tweets, curated by Kimmel's team, take aim at the celebrity's appearance. Most are juvenile, invoking the terms "trash pile" or "dumpster fire" or the like. Someone called Anthony Mackie an "aardvark" in the 10th edition. In the same edition, someone accused Ryan Gosling of always trying to squeeze a fart out without making a sound. (Gosling defended himself by pointing out that he's just being a gentleman.)
Still, a select few below-the-belt tweets have come up in Mean Tweets. In this most recent iteration, Kumail Nanjiani was accused of having multi-colored genitals. That stings.
"Is Kumail Nanjiani's dick multiple colours?" the tweet asked.
Nanjiani had an equally savage response: "Yes," he said. "Every shade of your mom's lipstick." Cruelty begets cruelty, I suppose.
And there's that time Kristen Bell's nether regions were compared to "an alcatraz for penis." (In the same segment, one Twitter user compared Benedict Cumberbatch's face to "a cat's anus.") Or there's the time someone alleged that Bette Midler had the biggest penis in Hollywood. In fact, there's a lot of penis and butt talk in Mean Tweets. That probably says something about the level of humor on anti-celebrity Twitter. But rarely do we hear of hand jobs or general sexual ability. That type of vitriol, it seems, is reserved for Jennifer Lawrence, the most polarizing of A-List celebrities.
Watch the full "Mean Tweets" segment, below.
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