This Kylie Jenner Pregnancy Theory Twitter Thread Could Explain A Lot

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Did this journalist just crack the code on a certain reality star's alleged pregnancy? Excuse us while we pick our jaws up off the floor.
By now, you likely know that Kylie Jenner is allegedly pregnant. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star has yet to confirm the news, however, multiple sources state that both she and her boyfriend Travis Scott have been telling friends the pregnancy news for weeks now. The makeup mogul, who is supposedly having a girl, is reportedly due in February, making her roughly three months along.
Remember this timeline, because you're going to need it when journalist and Keeping Up With The Kardashians expert Mariah Smith reveals her konspiracy theory.
In a series of tweets, Smith — who recaps Life Of Kylie for The Cut — just dropped a major truth bomb that involves a shaman, altitude sickness, and a non-existent boob job.
Try to keep up here.
"So, remember when Kylie Jenner got altitude sickness in May?"
"well, May 2017 is 9 months ahead of February 2018 (the month her bb is due) which is 100% freaky and i'll tell u why"
"May 9th, Kylie Jenner not only suffered from altitude sickness (which could have been due to the altitude and the baby)..."
"...but she also visited Shaman who told her that Travis was "inside" of her & 'looking at her'"
Smith also added that it was around this time that Jenner was accused of getting breast implants. What also could make your boobs appear larger? Swelling from pregnancy.
"adding to this, when kylie was accused of having a boob job last year, she said her enlarged chest was due to her period"
"PLUS she was with Travis for almost a solid week in late april-early may (boston, nyc, miami)"
"soooooo i would hedge a bet that the shaman knew kylie was pregs before kylie and tried to tell her during their session! wow!"
We won't know if Jenner is really pregnant until we hear it from her perfectly mattified lips, but if this theory does check out, True Detective season 3 should be all about Mariah Smith's killer "keeping up."

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