Meghan Markle's Ex Low-Key Just Made A Show About Her

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Danny Zuker, Trevor Engelson, Jake Kasdan, and Dan Farah's upcoming comedy show is a work of fiction — but it's not hard to think its premise was inspired by some elements of reality.
Engelson, a producer on the show, happens to be Suits star Meghan Markle's ex-husband. Oh, and the show is about a divorced couple — one of whom is now a member of the Royal Family. (If you've been living under a rock, allow us to fill you in: Markle is dating Prince Harry.)
Of course, the show won't be any sort of official mirror to reality. Of course. The comedy will focus on co-parents sharing custody of their children across the Atlantic — all while dealing with life in the public eye. Engelson and Markle don't have any children together, and she's not engaged to, let alone married to, Prince Harry. (At least, not yet.)
According to Deadline, Engelson and Farah came up with the idea for the show during a conversation about Engelson's ex. The friends were apparently discussing what life would have been like if Engelson and Markle did have kids — and he ended up sharing custody of them with Prince Harry himself. As the story goes, what didn't actually happen in real life did make for a great TV series.
Deadline also adds that Fox bought the comedy "on the spot with what is believed to be the biggest commitment for a comedy pitch at the network so far this season." The network definitely believes the show has potential.
I'd like to imagine Markle will tune into at least the show's pilot, even if just for laughs. Or maybe she'd even make a cameo on the show one day? That would definitely be a ratings boon.

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