Ruby Rose Got The Craziest Backlash Over Her Hurricane Harvey Donation Tweet

In the aftermath of the hurricane that devastated Texas, everyone has been doing what they can to contribute to relief. Celebrities, especially, are using their platforms to make large donations and inspire others do to the same — but they haven't all been met with applause. For some reason, after Ruby Rose took to Twitter to announce she would be donating $10k to the Montrose LGBT centre in Houston, she was met with an incredible amount of backlash from critics who disagreed with her decision to donate to a specific demographic.
It all started with a tweet from Bleachers' Jack Antonoff who said he would match donations to that very LGBT center.
"i'm going to match donations up to 10k to the montrose LGBT center in houston for harvey relief PLEASE donate!" he tweeted.
Upon seeing this, Ruby Rose decided to hop on board.
"I'm going to match Jack and eat a banana while I donate 10 k to the LGBT center in Houston also," the replied, referencing the moment Antonoff ate a banana during the VMAs.
While fans were overwhelmingly supportive on Twitter, there were a few people who weren't so happy.
"can we have just one day where we are just all americans helping each other through this?" one asked. "we can go back to our identity corners later"
Others were more succinct:
"Your full of shit rose"
However, the real, intense backlash happened on Instagram, with people writing things like "This is so wrong. All lives matter. Not just LGBT" and "Typical celebrity..." However, Rose addressed this criticism calmly with an important point of her own.
"All Love," she wrote. "I suggest instead of attacking me just donate what you can to the organization you feel is 'right'. Even 1 dollar helps."
Exactly. If everyone donates to their own specific causes, then all identities and circumstances will end up getting the exact care they need to get back on their feet.
Want to donate but not sure where to start? Follow this handy guide over here.
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