Here's How To Help Victims Of Harvey, From Wherever You Are

Photo: Robert Gauthier/Los Angeles Times/Getty Images.
Texas residents were hit hard last weekend by Hurricane Harvey. After making landfall on Friday, the storm caused massive floods, rising seawater, and property damage that spread across Texas — from San Antonio, to Corpus Christi, to Houston — covering hundreds of miles. The rain is expected to continue until midweek, as the storm turns back toward the Gulf of Mexico.
Thousands were left stranded without access to shelter, electricity, or food. CNN has called it "the most powerful hurricane to hit the United States in a decade." For those witnessing Harvey both in- and outside of Texas, the destruction was shocking.
It can seem overwhelming to figure out how best to help those impacted. Right now, the best thing we can do to support victims of the hurricane is donate to organizations that are on the ground. All over Texas, blood donors are also needed for those who have been most impacted by the hurricane — especially those with O and O negative blood.
If you're able, here are organizations you can keep in mind:
Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund, set up by the mayor of Houston to help those affected by the floods.
Save The Children, which is directly supporting families with children impacted by Hurricane Harvey.
Portlight, a local organization that directly works with disabled people who need disaster aide.
SPCA of Texas, Animal Defense League of Texas, and the Humane Society are supporting animals and their owners who have also been victims of or displaced in the storm.
Texas Diaper Bank, providing diapers and other baby essentials for infants and families with small children. Diapers are not covered in many emergency shelters.
Undies For Everyone is providing survivors with much-needed fresh, in-package underwear.
Support the Girls, making sure women and girls in shelters have bras, tampons, and pads.
Airbnb is offering free housing to those in need of shelter and is asking for donations for these homes.
And if you're able to volunteer in the affected areas, FEMA recommends registering with The National or Texas VOAD.

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