IRL Grey Worm Is Your New Internet Boyfriend

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In Game of Thrones, Grey Worm, commander of the Unsullied, is serious, stoic, and somewhat detached. Although he is extremely attractive with his armor and spear, and partially responsible for the hottest sex scenes of season 7, because of his closed-off personally, we probably wouldn't want to date him — no offense to Missandei, you do you, girl. In real life however, Jacob Anderson, the actor who plays Grey Worm, is just as handsome, but is also sensitive, open about his fears, and wildly creative, with an incredibly beautiful voice, and now that we know that, we're seriously swooning for this sensitive artist.
Jacob Anderson, whose musical persona is called Raleigh Ritchie — yeah, he has a lot of names to keep up with — was recently interviewed by Vice's music channel, Noisey. During the interview, Anderson explained that although we may think of him mainly as an actor — he is on one of the most popular shows of the day, after all — he thinks of himself first and foremost as a musician. And, though he's grateful for his success, he also says it's complicated to balance both artistic areas. He told Noisey, "In the beginning, things didn't go very smoothly...The British press loves making people popular, only to publicly tear them down later. I was afraid that appearing on the show would hurt my credibility as a musician. I actually wanted to release my music without my face attached to it. I was afraid people would think the music was just a thing on the side I did to boost my own ego, even though I'd been working on it for so long ."
Anderson says that these days, he worries less about not having his music taken seriously, which he credits to just getting older. But, through this whole creative journey, he's had other anxieties as well. For instance, he said that because he put so much of his personal story into his first album, "You're a Man Now, Boy," he was left feeling afraid that he didn't have enough left to say for a second album. Is that not the realest thing you've ever heard? This guy just gets it.
It turns out, though, that Anderson did have plenty left to say. He told Noisey that he's currently working on his second album, and he seems to be making great progress. While waiting for his next project to be released, we'll be keeping busy soaking up every second of his music videos on YouTube and stalking his photos on Instagram, and we suggest you do the same. Thank the Lord of the Light for the internet, which allows us to maintain a one-sided imaginary relationship with the IRL man and musician behind Grey Worm.

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