Chrissy Teigen Stumbled Upon A Forum Dedicated To Hating On Her & It's Awful

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Chrissy Teigen is one of the most relatable celebrities out there. But like anyone who lives in the public eye, she still has her detractors. And unfortunately, Teigen found a group of online trolls dedicated to criticising her every move.
On Monday night, Teigen shared screenshots of comments anonymous people online had shared about her life and family. "I dunno how you can be this mean," the model and cookbook author wrote in her tweet.
One person on the forum criticized Teigen and John Legend's use of IVF to have their daughter, Luna. Another person wrote that because Teigen is a model, she shouldn't be speaking out about politics or criticising President Donald Trump.
If that's not bad enough, it looks like the detractors have even commented on Teigen's admission that she's struggled with drinking too much, especially in social situations like awards shows. "Drinking alcohol is discouraged when you are pregnant or breastfeeding," one person wrote. The comment may be a reference to Teigen's recent comments to Cosmopolitan that she and Legend might go through another round of IVF to have a second child.
The same person also suggested that Teigen was "being overly melodramatic" when she opened up about suffering from postpartum depression.
It's not clear from the screenshots what site or app is hosting the hateful forum. But comments like these are what keep people from speaking out and getting the treatment they need. If you don't know someone, commenting on their decisions or mental health doesn't help them or you. And, like in this instance, the person you're talking about might read your words and be really hurt.
If you are experiencing postnatal depression, please call PANDAS Foundation on 0843 2898 401.
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