All The Signs LuAnn De Lesseps' Marriage Was On The Rocks At The RHONY Reunion

Photo: Charles Sykes/Bravo.
When LuAnn (de Lesseps) D’Agostino first confirmed she had filed for divorce from her husband of mere months, Tom D’Agostino, the entire Real Housewives Of New York-watching community had one reaction, other than a collective “Told you so”: “Why couldn’t she have done this before they filmed the season 9 reunion?” The Bravo post-season get togethers are infamous for rehashing old tensions from recent episodes, as well as delving into new, weird drama. For instance, during last year’s RHONY season 8 reunion, Ramona Singer all but confirmed she had more dirt on LuAnn’s then-fiancé Tom, but wouldn’t share it because the Countess didn’t really want to hear it.
The minds over at Bravo realised fans would hope to hear some details on LuAnn’s long-expected breakup… and confirmed we wouldn’t get a single drop of information. Before viewers saw the New York cast of characters or their ringleader Andy Cohen for the season 9 reunion, a card flashed on the screen, reading “What you are about to watch was recorded three weeks before LuAnn filed for divorce from her husband of seven months, Tom.” It was the network’s way of saying, “Don’t even think about getting any hot gossip tonight.”
Still, the RHONY cast, including LuAnn, did watch last week’s finale, “Thank You And Good Night,” prior to filming the reunion. That means the Countess did catch Tom’s deeply suspicious behaviour at Tinsley Mortimer’s party, including the moment he removed his mic to speak with ex-girlfriend Missy. Because of this, there were tons of signs throughout the finale that all was not well in D’Agostino Land, as it was taped mere weeks before the divorce announcement. Here are all the red flags hiding throughout the special.
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