Elizabeth Olsen Had To Limit Bathroom Breaks While Filming Wind River

Photo: Matthew Eisman/Getty Images.
Going back in time always seems like it'll be the best time ever. You can see knights and temples and feather quill pens. There's one really good reason why the past would suck, though: using to the restroom.
Most modern public restrooms aren't any indication that we've actually evolved in the plumbing department, but if we didn't have one at all it'd be some type of hell. That's exactly what Elizabeth Olsen and Jeremy Renner had to go through while filming Wind River.
Elizabeth Olsen plays a young FBI agent who is investigating a murder on the Wind River Indian Reservation in Wyoming. Renner is a local U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service agent who she recruits for his services. Most of the movie was shot in the snow-covered mountains of Utah, right in the middle of nowhere. So, it proved to be a huge challenge for the crew and cast.
“We got used to it, but it was tough for the crew,” Olsen said on Good Morning, America. “There’s a lot of people to transport and a lot of equipment to transport, and there’s no road, so we’re on snowmobiles and snowcats."
“Then you know, bathroom breaks were long, because you had to… go snowmobile back, and then come back.”
That's horrible! On top of it all, Olsen revealed that she is not a fan of the snowmobiles.
"What you do is you’re hovering with all your might in a squat, ’cause you’re not sitting on those, you’re hovering," she explained, "And you’re just working your thighs, and if your thighs aren’t strong, whoop!"
I'm convinced. Squatting on a snowmobile with a full bladder? No, thanks. But if Elizabeth Olsen can get through that (and let's not forget the freezing temperatures), then a gross Starbucks bathroom should be a piece of cake from now on.
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