Rachel Lindsay Has A Vicious Clapback For Instagram Shade From Dean Unglert

Photo: Rodrigo Varela/ABC.
Dean Unglert made an ill-advised splash on The Bachelorette when he said on After The Final Rose, "I'm ready to go Black and never come back." He since redeemed himself for the move, and when he was kicked off The Bachelorette, viewers were distraught. He's since become a fan favourite for the next Bachelor, but a recent interaction on social media called Unglert's lovability into question.
It started when Instagram user Lauren Gonzalez shared a photo of herself with Unglert with the caption, "Went black, but came back." Gonzalez has since deleted the post, but a screenshot made its way to Imgur via The Bachelor discussion board on Reddit.
Unglert himself then commented, seemingly in agreement. He wrote, "Lololol at the caption."
Then, Lindsay herself piped in. The 32-year-old Dallas native wrote, "Sent back... he didn't come back lol."
This isn't the first time Unglert and Lindsay have been at odds online. After Unglert was kicked off the show, he told Entertainment Tonight that Lindsay was "in lust" with contestant Bryan Abasolo, who is among the remaining three contestants.
"I saw that Dean made those comments," Lindsay told ET in response to Unglert's statement. "Those are Dean's opinions, whatever. I can't speak towards them, but I would hope that people — and the viewers — know that I am smart enough to not be blinded by lust."
In general, Lindsay has no patience for that subtle brand of insult called "shade." During her time as Bachelorette, she has regularly shutdown online criticism, from anti-Bachelorette tweeters to shade from Bachelor Nation itself.
This post is more than just shade, though; the allusion to the problematic phrase "go Black and never come back" and Unglert's seeming endorsement of it has fans upset. (I believe the proper Twitter term for Unglert's current position is "cancelled.")
Refinery29 reached out to both Unglert and Lindsay with request for comment. Neither responded immediately.
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