"The Cersei" Is King's Landing's Hottest New Haircut

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
Sometimes, Game Of Thrones can be totally in-your-face with its gore and sex and general yelling, but other times, it's the master of subtlety, dropping clues so small you might have missed them had a hero like me not pointed them out. Well, me and a bunch of other people on Twitter, who noticed something interesting about Cersei's (Lena Headey) hair in Sunday night's episode of the HBO series. The self-proclaimed queen of the seven kingdoms was famously deprived of her long blonde locks after being taken prisoner by the High Sparrow (Jonathan Pryce). By season 7, however, she's embraced her new look — and so, it appears, have other women in the kingdom.
Last night, Twitter noticed that the handmaiden who knocked on Cersei's door was sporting pretty much the exact same haircut, which begs the question: Is "The Cersei" King's Landings' hottest new 'do?
"Cersei's cruelest vengeance is making everyone in the castle get 'the Cersei,'" tweeted an editor at Entertainment Weekly after spotting the similarity.
"I was kind of wondering if Cersei made all the female servants cut their hair short so she wasn't the only one," a fan suggested.
Others had longer-winded theories about this surprise moment of #twinning.
"Cersei keeping short hair on purpose," another fan wrote. "Her hand maiden was sporting the Cersei cut. She's erasing the femininity (weakness in this world). High tight collar. Short hair. All black. Mad King."
"If Cersei forced all of the females in King's Landing to cut their hair, that'd be low key pettier than blowing up the Sept of Baelon," one more joked.
Game Of Thrones has taught us that even the littlest things should never go unnoticed — like the fact that the direwolf statues no longer have heads presumably after the Boltons occupied Winterfell. It's these tiny details that keep us hooked. Well, that, and the fact that things between Jon Snow (Kit Harington) and Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) finally just got interesting.

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