People Feel Betrayed By Peter Kraus’ Latest Instagram

Photo: George Burns/ABC.
There are only three men left on The Bachelorette: Bryan Abasolo, Eric Bigger, and Peter Kraus. Each are on the "journey" to find "love" with the intelligent and beautiful Rachel Lindsay. Separately, the men are viable contestants in their own right, each with room for improvement. Together, they pretty much make up Rachel's perfect man.
As for Peter, Rachel hopes that he will find it in his heart to propose to her at the end of all this. His reluctance to say he wants to end this "journey" with an engagement makes Rachel nervous. But on social media, Peter is doing something that truly upset his thousands of followers.
On 25th July he officially starting peddling spon con on his personal Instagram page. I know — it's already happening. Not even Bryan has sponned it up yet. Now we know that men on this season of The Bachelorette are well-versed in how to use Instagram to show off their assets and personality, but this photo from Peter marks the first of many sponsored posts (notice that he calls himself a "partner" to the brand), and fans feel betrayed.
In fact, they're calling him out for it. Many are jokingly remarking that no one is safe from the allure of paid Instagram posts, but others are straight up unfollowing him because of the post.
"no contestant is safe from the Fab Fit Fun endorsement deal..."
" not even @peterkrauswi can resist peddling these boxes ?? no reality celeb is safe
"NOOOOOO no one is safe from fabfitfun not even Peter"
"Unfollowing. Can't handle the endorsements"
"I stop following people when they start with the sponsored posts"
"Peter is promoting stuff now. He's crossed over to the IG thot side"
In the slideshow, he flaunts a Fab Fit Fun box with his "home girl" named Megan Smith, a student at the University of Wisconsin (according to her Instagram bio). He even has his own code for followers to use to order their own box. The hustle is real.
I'm taking bets as to when the Bachelor Nation cross-over promotions begin. Maybe Peter will land a spot as an Insta model for Nick Viall's The Polished Gent? It's only a matter of time.
Edit: Peter has since updated the caption on the Instagram photo to identify the woman in the photo as his "coworker" instead of his "home girl."

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