Your July Horoscope, Revealed

Illustrated by Alia Penner. Photographed by Jason Rodgers.
Ice cream delivery? (Yes, it's a thing!) With ultra-domestic, food-fixated Cancer ruling the skies until July 22, it could take something extra to motivate ourselves out of the house. Like, say, an amazing meal that's worthy of a worshipful, Chrissy Teigen style, selfie — or a run to the supermarket to pick up ingredients for one of her Cravings recipes. Throw a dinner party and keep the guest list "inner circle only." This astrological season is all about intimate bonding. Cancer is a water sign, making the aquatic life another lure from that comfy perch right by your summer fan. Spring for a pool pass or turn weekend beach trips in a squad ritual. But keep an "emergency floatation device" handy. With scrappy Mars on tour with the sun, the waves could get very choppy on the emotion ocean. Honour feelings, but try not to confuse them with facts. And know that everyone's just going to be super sensitive until the 22nd, sorry.
Cancer is the sign of the alpha female — and, not coincidentally, the sign of feminist luminaries like Princess Diana and Solange Knowles, too. Summon your inner Wonder Woman and take a stand for equal rights, especially near the mission-oriented Capricorn full moon on July 9.
Leo steals the sunbeamed crown on July 22 as the sun sails into this regal sign for a month, accompanied by passionate Mars. (Bow down!) The world will feel like one giant catwalk during this flamboyant cycle. Or, maybe a talent show. Whatever the case, wear your fierce on your sleeve. If summer lovin' got off to a slow start, fear not. Leo season lights a blazing bonfire on Cupid's behalf. And with Venus in flirty Gemini starting on the fourth, romantic fireworks could erupt into a full-on lovefest in the month's final third. And watch what embers get stoked near the July 23 new moon in Leo. This is the first in a rare, back-to-back pair. The second is a potent solar (new moon) eclipse in Leo on August 21. There's no better time to ignite a creative project, revamp your style, audition for a role, or pursue your heart's desire — whether that's a person, place, or thing!
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Illustrated by Alia Penner. Photographed by Jason Rodgers.
June 21 to July 22

Baby, you're a firework! With the sun and ultra-fierce Mars sashaying through your sign until the 22nd, July is your month to live out loud. We realise that's not your usual M.O., Cancer. But when you have a cause to champion, a friend to protect, or a project to pitch, your leadership skills always come to life. As the zodiac's Most Nurturing, you're prone to putting others before yourself. Not this month, 'kay? Keep the focus on your desires, plans, and goals. Once you have securely strapped on your own oxygen mask, you can assist other passengers on the planet. But right now, you have a vision to nail down. Conceptualise first, get creative...then bring in the practical considerations. When the sun heads into Leo on the 22nd (accompanied by Mars from the 20th) and your income zone, you can start monetising all those ideas — or at least figuring out what time and resources will be required to actually pull them off. A fresh source of funding, even a new job, could show up near the Leo new moon on the 23rd. Circulate your CV, online bio, and LinkedIn profile. Then, patiently wait. The seeds you plant with this lunation could bring serious rewards during the rare follow-up new moon in Leo (also a potent solar eclipse) on August 21.

Despite your busy schedule, Cupid still wants to get on your calendar. On the 9th, the full moon in Capricorn lights up your seventh house of relationships. A casual dating situation could turn into something much more exclusive — or you could liberate yourself from this vague distraction to create space for someone who is actually ready to commit. Attached? Take a baecation near this full moon. Just make sure you've sorted out any lingering issues before you leave for the airport since la luna can churn up the feels. And from July 4 to 31, amorous Venus floats through your fantasy-fuelled 12th house. Love can be the sweetest escape. Just screen them carefully, because it's a little too easy to romanticise — and ignore red flags — during this dreamy cycle.
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Illustrated by Alia Penner. Photographed by Jason Rodgers.
July 23 to August 22

Pour the Rosé and kick back in the hammock. The first part of July is all about R&R as the sun lounges in Cancer and your dreamy, transitional 12th house. This is the final phase of your annual astrological cycle. On July 22, the sun sails into Leo, kicking off your birthday season and refreshing your feed. But until then, you may be feeling too burned out to launch anything new. Don't bother pushing yourself, Leo. (And, uh, hold the lip kits, Leo Kylie Jenner...) In between catnaps and escapes to the beach, simply focus on tying up loose ends. Downsize and declutter — clearing out everything from your makeup drawer to your friend lists. With motivator Mars trailing alongside the sun, you'll actually feel energised by these minimalist missions. The 9th is one day where you'll have to stay alert. With the Capricorn full moon activating your work zone, your diligence could land you in good graces with the office VIPs. Arrive at work prepared to deliver your best — and don't let the boss catch you yawning! A promotion or new position could be the happy reward of this full moon.

Socially, July won't slow down. With charming Venus in Gemini and your 11th house of teamwork from July 4-31, you'll attract plenty of friends, fans, and followers. But keep 'em at a healthy distance until they've earned your trust. Fire up the dating apps! This Venus cycle could bring a lucky swipe to the right. And you'll fully emerge on the 22nd when the sun cruises into Leo for a month and sends you on a reinvention tour. With make-it-happen Mars also in Leo from July 20 to September 5, you'll have extra fuel for any fires you want to start. Light the first match on the 23rd during the first of a consecutive pair of Leo new moons. Normally, you only get one new moon in your sign each year, which is said to be the best day for planting seeds and taking initiative. But in 2017, you're blessed with two, the second being the ultra-powerful solar eclipse on August 21. Don't let all this momentum go to waste! If you're not sure of your final destination, just take the first step. A savvy risk will pay off before the summer is officially through!
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Illustrated by Alia Penner. Photographed by Jason Rodgers.
August 23 to September 22

So many people, so little time! With the sun and energiser Mars in your popularity zone until July 22, you're everyone's favourite plus-one. Trouble is, there just aren't enough hours to squeeze everyone in for individual facetime. The solution? Don the entertainment director's hat and organise group hangs. Experiment with your guest list, Virgo! Instead of keeping everyone neatly grouped, play ambassador. Who knows? The vegan activist and hip-hop producer may have more in common than meets the eye. And save some space on the calendar for your own social experimentation. Explore new scenes, even if you feel like the awkward new girl for a minute. Your courage could even lead to a love connection, especially near the full moon in your romance house on the 9th. In a relationship? There could be "baby talk" under these fertile moonbeams or another major development worthy of a Pinterest board.

Don't sleep on your career, Virgo! Charming Venus is gliding through Gemini and your 10th house of success from July Fourth until the 31st. Summer soirees will double as networking events, so bring business cards everywhere you go. (Yes, even the beach.) With the cosmic goddess piloting your professional growth for most of the month, working with women could bring some huge wins. Beyond just supporting the sisters, your combined creative skills could set a high bar for the world to reach. The Capricorn full moon on the 9th could bring another huge victory — one that brings public praise and attention. Schedule a holiday for the 22nd, when the sun drifts into Leo and your dreamy, rejuvenating 12th house for a month. And feel free to go AWOL for a bit, escaping to a hidden beach enclave or the south of France with your oversized hat and dark glasses. Need to say a graceful goodbye to something (or someone) you've outgrown? The new moon on the 23rd helps you cultivate your exit strategy so you can fly free by the Leo solar eclipse on August 21.
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Illustrated by Alia Penner. Photographed by Jason Rodgers.
September 23 to October 22

Poolside power lunch, anyone? The radiant sun and make-it-happen Mars get in formation in Cancer and your 10th house of success until July 22. No going off the clock for you, Libra — not with such an ambitious wind beneath your wings. At the very least, "summer" strategically. If anyone could charm their way into an A-lister white party (or yacht party), it's you, Libra. And maybe the boss will let you work remotely from a beach house for a few days if you ask really nicely. Try to plan it near the 9th, when the Capricorn full moon lights up your nesting zone. In the market for a move? These moonbeams could light the path to your future home. A romantic holiday is also in the cards while love planet Venus cruises through Gemini and your nomadic ninth house from the fourth until the 31st. Cross-cultural attraction will catch an extra burst of momentum from this Venus cycle and you'll find yourself being uncharacteristically bold about pursuing a crush. Don't hold back, Libra!

Playtime picks up again after the 22nd when Leo season begins and the sun sails into your socially experimental 11th house for a month. With daring Mars also heading into Leo from July 20 to September 5, don't confine yourself to a clique or just one scene. You'll have far too much range for that. Enjoy the "tribe vibe" with several different groups. That said, the new moon in Leo on the 23rd could illuminate a VIP squad — people who let you be your most unfiltered self. While your popularity shoots for the moon, pause for a cause. The Leo energy will activate your activism, so devote some time to improving your corner of the world. You could make a huge impact as soon as August 21, the date of a rare solar (new moon) eclipse in Leo.
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Illustrated by Alia Penner. Photographed by Jason Rodgers.
October 23 to November 21

Happy Independence month, Scorpio. With the sun and feisty Mars in Cancer and your liberated ninth house, you won't take kindly to anyone trying to fence you in. Well, unless you want them to. From the fourth until the 31st, romantic Venus will simmer in Gemini and your erotic eighth house. You'll be in your experimental element, perhaps proving true all those legends about Scorpio being the sexiest sign. Even coupled Scorpios could enjoy a sexual revolution that make everything feel new again. Hint: The bedroom isn't the only backdrop for your, uh, explorations. With your nomadic ninth house powered up by the sun-Mars duo, why not swing from the chandeliers in Chicago, Chiang Mai, or Charleston? Holiday flings can spice up your summer or, if you're already coupled up, take an overseas journey with your S.O. Can't skip town this July? Diversify your dating (and friendship) preferences close to home. You could feel the karmic click with someone from a totally different background than your own.

Got an entrepreneurial idea bubbling? Or is it time to go back to school? Explore these options, especially if doing so can improve your finances. But there could also be some major career developments in the final third of the month. On July 20, motivator Mars zooms into Leo and you ambitious 10th house, putting you in mogul mode until September 5. Two days later, on the 22nd, the sun begins its monthlong tour of Leo, further priming you for success. Then, on the 23rd, the first in a consecutive pair of Leo new moons could bring a hidden opportunity to light — one that comes to total fruition during the August 21 solar (new moon) eclipse. Rock that swimsuit under your power suit so you can keep a healthy balance of work and play.
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Illustrated by Alia Penner. Photographed by Jason Rodgers.
November 22 to December 21

Life isn't always sunshine and rainbows, Sagittarius. Yes, even you, the zodiac's optimist, have a stormy side. And though it's the thick of summer, every July, your shadow is the guest of honour as the sun simmers in Cancer and your intense and erotic eighth house until the 22nd. Don't resist! There's power to be found in that raw honesty. Knowing what you don't want and what just plain pisses you off is as essential as fleshing out your favourites list. In July, "No!" may become your favourite word. With Venus in Gemini (your opposite sign) from July 4 to 31, rebalancing relationships is a huge theme this month. If people have mistaken your kindness for weakness, they'll be in for a surprise. Don't clap back, Sagittarius. Just snap back into your own life instead of making them the centre of your universe. You may have to teach a lesson to the tune of "Don't know what you've got 'til it's gone." If people straighten up their acts and start appreciating you (we're betting they will), you can give the connection another chance. But make sure it's on terms that work for both of you and there's more than just a sexual connection to explore. Already found someone who treats you right? Cue the Adele, because you'll be rolling in the deep for much of July. Pillow talk could start as dirty talk then lead to long-term planning. Before the 22nd, bae could become a more permanent fixture in your future. (Think: duplicate house keys, engagement rings, or Instagram-official status.) Having plenty of alone time is essential to your sanity during Cancer Season. Invest in a cool journal for recording your thoughts, feelings and ideas. One of them could become a surprising moneymaker near the full moon in Capricorn on the 9th!

You're back in your bliss bubble again on the 22nd, when fellow fire sign Leo wrests control from Cancer. Um, what were you getting so bent out of shape about anyway? Ahhh, who cares, Sagittarius. With thrill-seeker Mars also in Leo from July 20 to September 5, it's time to expand and explore. Leave the shelter of your hammock and go see the world, the farther from home the better! A long-distance opportunity could pop up near the Leo new moon on the 23rd — the first in a back-to-back pair. (The second is a powerful solar eclipse on August 21.) You could travel for work or simply to broaden your horizons. Multicultural mingling — always the Sagittarius social strategy — will be extra rewarding during Leo Season. This could be the start of an activist mission or a beautiful relationship...or both!
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Illustrated by Alia Penner. Photographed by Jason Rodgers.
December 22 to January 19

Loneliness is optional, Capricorn — and you'll be happy to hear that July's planets set your preferences to pairing mode. With the sun and passionate Mars co-piloting through Cancer and your seventh house of relationships until the 22nd, you're ready to connect. Don't look for a doppelgänger. You'll be far more fulfilled with a complementary force — someone who can pick up where you leave off. Already attached? Relationships will accelerate at a rapid pace. You might feel readier than ever to leap into the deep, whether than means marriage, cohabitation, or some other long-term commitment. Partnerships of all manner get a boost from the sun-Mars merger. Before the 22nd, you could find the missing puzzle piece for a work project or creative collaboration. Start the draft!

In between dreamy date nights and conference calls, make time for self-care. Radiant Venus embarks on a three-week tour through your wellness zone from July 4 to 31. Take your workouts (and dates!) to the fresh air and nourish yourself with clean, green food. Make sure to squeeze in at least one spa treatment this month. Venus rules love and you could pick up more than a pair of kettlebells at the gym (wink, wink). A work crush could start pursuing you — hey, now! Venus gives the green light to blur those lines mindfully. Coupled Caps might even start a kitchen table side hustle together. The urge to merge just grows stronger after the 22nd, when the sun heads into Leo and your intense erotic eighth house. Lusty Mars will also cruise Leo from July 20 to September 5, promising a soulfully sexy end to summer — or a stormy one! Your moods will be intense until August 22, and the green eyed monster could visit. Get the facts before you react, especially near the new moon on the 23rd! On a positive note, this new moon could set the stage for deeper bonding and a happily-ever-after romance. Baring your soul is essential though, so drop the mask and get vulnerable.
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Illustrated by Alia Penner. Photographed by Jason Rodgers.
January 20 to February 18

To the left, to the left! You're ready to clean house this July as the Cancer sun, accompanied by Mars, fires up your work and wellness zone. Start the month off with a major efficiency mission. It's summer and you don't want to spend every spare moment hustling at the office. How can you work "smarter, not harder," as they say? Set up savvy systems and lifehacks, streamline your workflow — and maybe make a policy of logging off all social media and email when you're focusing on a mission. Monotasking is the way to maximise productivity, Aquarius. The full moon on the 9th could leave you feeling exhausted. Real talk: Is it time to hire an assistant or let someone else on the team handle some tasks? Put your inner control freak in the timeout chair and delegate some duties! With energiser Mars accompanying the sun all month, you'll have excess energy to burn — some stress related, some just that sun-Mars fire. Funnel it towards fitness or else it could turn into anger or anxiety. Try a new challenge like stand up paddleboard yoga or training for a half-marathon. Don't underestimate the power of a pumping playlist!

The fourth of July could bring fireworks of the romantic variety. That day, amorous Venus twerks into Gemini and your frisky, flamboyant fifth house until July 31. You'll want to be treated like the queen you are — and we raise a toast to your high standards. Just be careful not to treat your S.O. like the court jester by making too many imperious demands. Lust goes through the roof starting July 20 when white hot Mars blazes into Leo and your relationship house until September 5. And on July 22, the sun sizzles into Leo for a month, making you simply irresistible. Your stronghold on your independence could slip away as you surrender to the power of partnership. Casting for a new person to play the role of your other half? On the 23rd, the new moon in Leo — the first in a back-to-back pair that completes on August 21 with the solar eclipse — could launch a legendary love affair. If you're already attached, this could be the start of some rapid and exciting developments that take place over the course of this monthlong, two-moon cycle!
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Illustrated by Alia Penner. Photographed by Jason Rodgers.
February 19 to March 20

All hail the queen! Your confidence could soar this July as the flamboyant sun and fierce Mars co-pilot through Cancer and your fifth house of fame, fashion and romance. If you've been stuck in "compare and despair" syndrome, enough is enough. This confidence-boosting solar cycle is all about embracing your "as is" self. Bring on the beach selfies — no filters, please. During this glamorous cycle, which lasts until July 22, you'll have plenty of opportunities to work the step and repeat (and maybe the catwalk). With astro-aesthete Venus in your domestic zone from July fourth to 31st, get obsessed with feathering your nest...or should we say, your castle. You'll slay at entertaining, so think about hosting a barbecue or a giant dinner party with signature cocktails. Romantically, you're in your element during Cancer season — even more reason to circulate before the 22nd. You could literally find love on the dance floor or at a friend's soiree. Coupled? Some swoon-worthy moments are in store — and bae could profess a desire to procreate or make you a permanent mate. Major!

Life takes a turn for the practical after the 22nd and the sun, accompanied by Mars, heads into Leo and your work and wellness zone for a month. Those ice cream floats are everything, but the sugar spikes and crashes could be interfering with your productivity and your sleep. Swap in some smoothies and add more movement to your days. Those lap swims and outdoor dance parties are a great way to celebrate summer. Though it's hard to focus on office-related tasks during this season, don't get sloppy! People are counting on you, Pisces — and if you come through, there could be a powerful opportunity for advancement between a pair of Leo new moons on July 23 and the second (an extra potent solar eclipse!) on August 21. Bring your A Game!
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Illustrated by Alia Penner. Photographed by Jason Rodgers.
March 21 to April 19

Stake out your favourite spot on the couch — the one closest to the open window. With the sun in cosy, domestic Cancer until the 22nd, home is where your heart shall be. Enjoy some restorative lounging, perfect your smoothie game, and share warm-fuzzy moments (poolside, preferably) with your fam. But don't spend the entire month horizontal. On July 9, the Capricorn full moon could usher in a huge opportunity for career. Be ready to pitch, present, and pounce in the two weeks that follow. The squeaking wheel gets the oil. And until the 20th, your ruler, motivator Mars will be cruising alongside the Cancer sun, revving you to entertain or even tackle a home improvement mission. Are you in the market for a move, Aries? Set up those Redfin alerts and pop by open houses after work. You could find an amazing new place to hang your fedora by July 22. And don't worry: Your social life doesn't have to suffer due to your nesting instincts. From July Fourth until the 31st, festive Venus weaves through Gemini and your outgoing third house. Friends will come drag you from your apartment — don't kick and scream, just go! You won't have to travel too far, because the local scene is sizzling during this Venus cycle. Find a new favourite bar and café in your neighbourhood, even one where area talent can perform at an open mic night.

Romantically, everything heats up on July 20 when your ruler, red-hot Mars zips into Leo and ignites your fifth house of passion, celebration, and romance until September 5. The sun joins the Leo party for a month on July 22, making you a nonstop head turner. Then, on the 23rd, the first in a back-to-back pair of Leo new moons could open up a fresh chapter in love. Coupled Aries could go "all in" with an exclusivity clause, engagement, even baby-making plans. Got a talent to flaunt or a project to promote? Start auditioning or creating a buzz with the new moon! Your efforts could bring amazing — and surprising — results by the powerful solar (new moon) eclipse in Leo on August 21!
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Illustrated by Alia Penner. Photographed by Jason Rodgers.
April 20 to May 20

Come here often, Taurus? Well, maybe you should. With the Cancer sun lighting up your locally-grown third house until July 22, you could swiftly earn the title of Queen of the Scene. With lusty Mars sailing alongside the sun, you'll be in your flirtatious element. When did the people in your neighbourhood get so...attractive? Break the ice with these pickup lines or just play the friend angle and let it roll out organically from there. You might not even want to be fenced in to a relationship in the first part of the month. But if you've already devoted yourself to another, keep the vibe fresh by planning plenty of cultural activities: dates, road trips, festivals, and nightlife. Having a shared friend group will be helpful to your bond, so start hanging out with other couples or just organising activities to bring together your respective friend groups. With the full moon in your travel zone on the 9th, plan a baecation — or, if single, keep your ears perked for accents. Sparks could fly with an expat rolling through your town or a cutie from a different culture who's a permanent resident. No matter your romantic status, talking to strangers could pay off. You could charm your way into a job opportunity, band tryout, or another affiliation that brings the summer to a new level of fun.

On July 22nd, Leo season begins, luring you back to your den until August 22. Press pause on the couchsurfing and silence the faresaver alerts...for a minute. Leo is the sign that rules your domestic fourth house and with motivator Mars also here from July 20 to September 5, you may have some matters to tend to back at your Chateau Toro. Get the Pinterest boards going and fire up the glue gun. You'll have ample motivation for any decor missions, like maybe creating this amazing flower wall? Or giving your bedroom a hint of a bordello vibe? With passionate Mars in the picture, you and a certain someone(s) could be spending a lot more time in bed. Are you in the market for a move? The Leo new moon — the first in a back-to-back pair — gets that mission started on the 23rd. It might take until the second one, a powerful solar eclipse on August 21, to finalise the process, but log onto Rightmove and book a few flat viewings. The fourth house rules the feminine zone and Leo season could bring some real world Wonder Women into your life. Who run the world?! (Uh, girls! Obviously!)
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Illustrated by Alia Penner. Photographed by Jason Rodgers.
May 21 to June 20

As the curtain rises on July, you have your mind on practical matters — particularly your hard-earned cash. Bring that hustle! Yes, you can take beach breaks, too. But until the 22nd, the sun and make-it-happen Mars are cruising through Cancer and your second house of work and money. With a little extra elbow grease, you could be back on the path to financial freedom. Polish up your CV, LinkedIn, social media profiles, and bio. You want to represent like a pro when people Google your name. (And try out Google's "jobs near me" search feature to get a sense of what people are paying your area.) Happy with your 9-5 situation? Improve your efficiency levels by microtasking (dividing work into smaller incremental tasks — say, 15 minutes each) and monotasking (focusing on one mission at a time). Stay off Snapchat and hide your email while you're working. You'll be amazed by how you sail through your days. The Capricorn full moon on the 9th could bring exciting word of a promotion or an engaging assignment that helps you make a name in your industry.

But all work and no play makes Gemini a dull twin — and that is just not going to happen! On the fourth, va-va-voom Venus sails into your sign, blessing you with It Girl status until the 31st. Not only will you set trends, Gem, but you could also set hearts on fire. No rush to commit. You may prefer to give yourself a longer leash. Your flirtatious charms only get stronger when Leo season begins on the 22nd. And with lusty Mars trailing the sun through the Lion's den for this monthlong cycle, you could have a couple interested parties in rotation. Be honest if you're feeling noncommittal, because you don't want to be that person. Prefer to focus on just one? Spice up your bond by filling the shared calendar with playdates. Think: festival road trips, Airbnb weekends, and cultural activities close to home. The new moon in Leo on the 23rd could bring a BFF-grade kindred spirit into your orbit. The two of you could partner up on a project, like a split-screen YouTube show or a side hustle you do from home! The fans and profits could already roll in by the Leo solar eclipse on August 21!

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