RIP All The Random Dead Baes Of Game Of Thrones

Photo: AF archive/Alamy Stock Photo.
Meet Rakharo. Rakharo is Dothraki, a member of Khal Drogo's personal guard of bloodriders. Rakharo is kind of a bae. Rakharo also happens to be dead.
Everyone I love on Game of Thrones is dead. (Controversial opinion: I do not love Jon Snow.) And in most cases, they died before I even got to learn their name. Such is the sad reality of a show that barely gives a thought to killing off a main cast member, let alone a side-character. But does that mean we should forget about all the Game of Thrones hotties mouldering six-feet-under?
Recently, my colleague Elena Nicolaou took on the daunting task of chronicling all the bloody major character deaths the show has served up over six seasons. (If you want to experience them in real time, I suggest this 21-minute-long video montage.) As I scrolled through this virtual Hall of Faces, I realized that many were bae material. Some I had noticed over years of dedicated fandom, but others were brand new finds! And they deserve to be remembered.
This slideshow is dedicated to all the nameless hotties who have given their lives so that we can enjoy epic battles and bloodshed. Valar Morgulis.

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