The True Behind-The-Scenes Story Of How Kim & Kanye First Met

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's relationship has been the stuff of legend. Separately, the two are powerful moguls in their respective industries: West in music and fashion, and Kardashian in lifestyle and beauty. But how did these two people with monolithic amounts of influence end up together? Was it for money? Fame? Lust? More money? More fame?
The story we've been told is that West was infatuated with Kardashian for years, and had to wait for her to be single again before they could properly get together. But now, thanks to an incredibly entertaining interview on about West's short-lived puppet series, Alligator Boots, we're getting a deeper look at the roots of the West-Kardashian empire. And it all goes back to the reality star's infamous sex tape with Ray J. This behind-the-scenes story is a true modern age meet-cute.
When Kardashian's tape was released — leaked — in March of 2007, West watched it immediately, according to Daniel Kellison, a collaborator of West's at the time. The rapper was transfixed by it and would even watch it in the studio. "When I first met Kanye, he was recording that song 'Flashing Lights'—I walked into the studio and he was behind the control board, and this woman was singing one of the sections of the song," Kellison tells the site. "She goes, 'How about that take?' And he was like, 'I'm sorry, I missed it. Can you do it again?' He was watching the Kim Kardashian tape on his computer; it had come out that day, and that's why he was distracted."
Kardashian would later be approached by West himself to appear in an episode of the show (which would never be picked up) and play the slave Princess Leia to West's Storm Trooper. The part was originally written for another celebrity, but West insisted that Kardashian play the part. It would still be another five years before the couple started officially dating.
West fell in love with Kardashian just by watching her sex tape. Bound 2 fall in love, as he says. One of the puppeteers that worked with him on the set of Alligator Boots, Alice Dinnean, jokingly remarked to the site: "So this was their Mr. and Mrs. Smith?"
Check out the bizarre video below, and just look at that love in their eyes.

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