Katherine Langford Is Back To Playing Hannah Baker On 13 Reasons Why

Photo: Beth Dubber/Netflix
There's still more of Hannah Baker's story to tell — and actress Katherine Langford is back on set of 13 Reasons Why to tell it.
Season 1 of Netflix's controversial teen drama 13 Reasons Why only debuted on the streaming service on March 31, but already the cast and crew are back to work. On Monday, Christian Navarro — who portrays 2017 greaser Tony on the series — tweeted his excitement over the first day of shooting the show's second season, and now, star Langford has taken to Snapchat to share her own sentiments. According to E! News, Langford shared a picture of her character Hannah's boots, with the captions "Season 2" and "Back in her shoes."
Season 1 of the hit drama tells the story of the last year of Hannah's life, which she narrates via 13 tapes. The tapes hold the titular "13 reasons," and each describes how a person contributed to Hannah's decision to die by suicide. While the show's freshman season was very much Hannah's story — and one that ended tragically — it also gave us a glimpse into the lives of the students whom the teenager interacted with. Season 2 will explore the people that Hannah left behind a little closer, and forego Hannah's narration.
13 Reasons Why is based on Jay Asher's novel of the same name, but unlike the series, the book did not have a sequel — so the only info we have about the new season is what the cast and creators tease. Creator Brian Yorkey told Entertainment Weekly how the new season would play out:
"We really have characters who, after 13 episodes, are just beginning the process of recovery and the process of coming to terms with what part they might’ve played in Hannah’s death and how Hannah’s death will change their lives going forward," he told the outlet.
He added that gender dynamics would be a big part to what fans see in season 2 — something that was explored in season 1 through Hannah's lens.
"I’ve said a few times that this show is about the way we raise boys up into men and the way we treat girls and women in our culture — and what we could do better in both cases," Yorkey added. "And I realised we were just beginning the process of seeing these boys and girls grow up into men and women. It was something that we didn’t get to watch with Hannah and I would really love to watch it with these other characters I’ve come to love."
We'll have to wait and see what it means for Langford to step into Hannah's shoes — but it certainly sounds like Yorkey and the rest of the 13 Reasons Why team have a distinct vision for how they want to continue Hannah's story.

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