Is Pretty Little Liars' Villain A.D. Actually Trying To Help The Liars?

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It's the final season of Pretty Little Liars, and the girls are having zero fun playing A.D.'s sinister board game. So far, the villain has impregnated Alison (Sasha Pieterse) against her will with Emily's (Shay Mitchell) eggs, ruined Hanna's (Ashley Benson) fashion career, and threatened to put Ezra (Ian Harding) behind bars. (Though maybe he already should have been, considering he was dating one of his high school students?) It sure looks like Uber A's intentions are to destroy the Liars' lives — but what if we're just totally misreading the villain?
This new theory will make you look at A.D. in an entirely new light. Redditor PP8900 suggests the controversial opinion that maybe the Big Bad's board game isn't quite as evil as we think it is. They write:
"A is, no doubt, evil and twisted. He/she does some messed up things to get the Liars and others. But what if the game isn't so much a punishment as it is a way to test the girls and bring out the best in them?"
If you're already so confused, hear this theory out. PP8900 thinks that the different "tests" that A.D. is having the girls do is a way to improve their lives — or at least their moral standing.
Think about it: Spencer (Troian Bellisario) was first tasked with visiting Toby (Keegan Allen) in the hospital, after his fiancée was in a horrible accident. That's...probably something she should have done anyway. As for Hanna, who was tasked with wearing a highly inappropriate outfit to a business meeting — which she ultimately had to skip after her boyfriend Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) went to the hospital as a result of messing with the game — PP8900 has a different idea:
"Hannah's turn wasn't about embarrassing herself during an important meeting. Oh no... [A.D.] is smarter than that. [A.D.] knew Caleb would come to the rescue and used the opportunity to hurt Caleb. Hannah's piece never had anything to do with the business deal: it was about her choosing her career or Caleb again and she chose correctly."
Fans will remember that Caleb and Hanna initially broke up because she was so laser-focused on getting ahead in the fashion world — it's something that Caleb brought up multiple times during the episode featuring Hanna's turn at the game. Maybe that was the point: A.D. wanted to make sure that, this time around, Hanna chose to go help Caleb rather than go to a fashion meeting.
If you're calling bluff because A.D. violated Alison in such a terrible way, well, PP890 isn't claiming that Uber A isn't evil — just that they have a less-than-evil end to their very mean game. They write:
"Alison has never shown love or respect to anyone. She's, self-admittedly, a bad person. This is the most ridiculous, evil way to do it, but [A.D.] has (or led her to believe) [she was] impregnated her with Emily's eggs. In the end, Alison has realised her love for Emily. She's passed her turn."
While it may sound like a stretch, it's worth mentioning that A.D. could easily kill the Liars — yet they never actually do. Why? Maybe it's because these girls have something to learn first — even if they're going to learn it through the most wicked means possible.

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