Jane The Virgin Season 3 Finale Recap: "Chapter Sixty-Six"

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Tonight on Jane the Ordained, it’s choice versus fate. Which is amazing because just earlier in season three, Jane was the kind of person who believed in fate -- especially when it comes to love -- without question. Over the second half of the season plus a three year time jump, Jane is still the same but has changed dramatically.
“Chapter Sixty-Four” was a great finale and a great step for Jane. Reading Michael’s letter, and feeling her old fairy tale mentality about things that are meant to be and twists of fate is the step she’s been searching for since Michael died. Michael’s belief that their relationship was rooted in a simple twist of fate is the boost Jane needed to take a bigger step away from him and let herself go. Whether that step leads to Rafael is the question. Or at the least the only one I care about. But for now, Adam will do. As frustrating as it is, teasing a Jane/Rafael reunion is the right move -- it’s still too soon real time-wise for it to happen, and it’s so much more satisfying when a bunch of annoying obstacles get in the way.
Every finale -- especially a Jane the Virgin finale -- needs a thing, and this season it was a hurricane. The hurricane played well with the theme of fate, and was the perfect backdrop for Xo and Rogelio’s wedding. They got married the same way their relationship has progressed over the past two decades: like a hurricane, and I guess in this case, in a hurricane. And Jane isn’t the only one who’s made huge strides this season. Rogelio’s humbled, and Xo sucking it up and choosing her desire to marry Rogelio over her desire to figure out what the heck they’re gonna do about Darci’s pregnancy is a big step for her, and the biggest one we’ve seen her take in a while.
Abuela’s been on the sidelines for the last few episodes of the season, but really shined tonight when she yelled at Xo so she wouldn’t ruin her make-up. But I’ll be honest: that scene made me cry and thank goodness I was too lazy to put any make-up on today. Someone please tell Abuela that her yelling trick doesn’t work on everyone. Not all of us ar safe!
Petra and Rafael, unlike Jane and Rogelio and Xo and Luisa and Anezka, suffer the wrong side of the twist of fate coin. And it stems from their pride. Their pride is one of the reasons their relationships doesn’t work, isn’t working, and never will. And it’s also why they’ve found themselves in their predicaments: had Petra been honest about her insecurities with Rafael, he would’ve had time to reassure her before their #TwistedSisters got in that cab. And had Rafael maybe just casually mentioned “Oh by the way now that you mention it I do not have cancer, Luisa! Sorry!” he would still have The Marbella.
Ultimately this was a fun, sad, charming, beautiful, funny and romantic way to end a season was definitely full of way more tears than expected. It was a delight to see Michael again but in such a positive context. It was also a delight to see Jane’s blue Chevy get some solo screen time, and that “Come on Eileen” wordplay was one of the best the Narrator (who may or may not be Mateo) has done.
And that’s it for next season. See you when Luisa is running The Marbella, Rafael is homeless, and Jane is back to her sweet, romantic self again. But still believes in hard work. Because she’s Jane Gloriana Villanueva, and she believes love conquers all, but you can’t get any of it if you don’t work your ass off for it.

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