Liam Payne Won't Let Harry Styles Babysit His Son For This One Silly Reason

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If Liam Payne ever needs someone to watch his new baby boy Bear, he won't be calling any of his One Direction bandmates. And especially not Harry Styles, that's for sure. In an interview with Capital FM Big Top 40 radio show, Payne claimed Styles would not be a good babysitter for his son with girlfriend Cheryl Cole. But Payne's reason for not choosing Styles is actually a pretty silly one.
As Glamour pointed out, it wasn't because Payne thought Styles wasn't capable for caring for another person. He was concerned about how Styles would influence his son's style. "I couldn't rely on Harry 'cos I feel like my child would come out dressed in something that I just wouldn't understand," Payne says.
Now we totally disagree. Styles' personal style is eclectic and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. I mean how many people can pull off a millennial pink suit? Not many. We'd also like to think Payne would support his son's style even if he didn't get it, which is why we hope it's a just joke. Either way though, this comment comes off super shady. Payne manages to not only insult Styles' babysitting skills, but his fashion sense. Low blow, Liam, low blow. It also hints that there is a bit of bad blood between these two. Especially since it's not the only shade Payne's thrown Styles' way.
Last week, Payne said he wasn't a fan of Styles' solo music, explaining, “Harry’s song I heard, and I’ll be honest with you, it’s not my sort of music. It’s not something I’d listen to." While we appreciate Payne's honesty, maybe he could be a little less honest next time? You know, to spare all those Directioners who like to think the four guys are buds and all.
If it's any consolation prize to Styles, though, Payne wasn't too excited at the idea of anyone from 1D babysitting his son. He said that Niall Horan would be using his baby as a golf caddy: "Niall would be pushing the pram while swinging the putter at the same time!" Even Louis Tomlinson, who is a father himself, seemed like a last resort for Payne. "I suppose he would be but he'd be my last choice in my head, that's the funniest thing!" he said. "But he's got to be first 'coz he knows more than any of the rest of them."
Honestly, though, Payne didn't even seem that confident in his own babysitting skills. "I think I'll leave him with me," Payne said. "Even though I don't really… am I the most trusted? I could be!" Let's hope Payne has more confidence in his solo career. He premiered his first solo single "Strip That Down" last week and, no surprise, it sounds nothing like Styles' solo stuff.

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