Iggy Azalea Has Some Intel About Paris Hilton's Home

Katy Perry may be on the outs with Taylor Swift, but she isn't lacking in the celebrity pal department. Earlier this month Paris Hilton invited Perry and Iggy Azalea over for a girls night at her Beverly Hills home, and, oh, what we wouldn't give to have been a fly on the wall.
Fast-forward to last night, when Azalea appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen as a guest alongside Empire star Terrence Howard. Cohen wasted no time in quizzing the New Classic rapper about her night at Chez Hilton.
The Australian performer didn't spill any dirt, but she did give some insight into Hilton's interesting decorating choices. People, you won't find this in any copy of Domino or Architectural Digest.
"What does the inside of the house look like?" Cohen wanted to know.
"It's just, all, fabulous pictures of Paris Hilton," Azalea revealed. We'd expect nothing less from the woman who claims to have invented the selfie.
Like Perry, who was captured on social media caressing a mosaic portrait of the former Simple Life star, Azalea has a favourite artwork.
"My favourite, like the best thing in her house, she has this, like, gigantic — well, there's a lot of pictures of herself, which I love, there should be — but the best picture of herself is this giant picture of Paris Hilton and she's wearing a Guess shirt and it says, 'Can you afford me?' and I was like, 'I love it!' Oh, I'm obsessed. It's so amazing."
The placement of the photo is key to Azalea's enjoyment.
"It's right when you walk into her bedroom," she said. "I'm like, 'Yes, Paris, you need to give that message before you bring a guy back to your bedroom.' He should ask the question 'can you afford me?'"
We're going to leave that minefield alone. Anyway, the evening was evidently a success, because Azalea is planning on going back.
"I'm having another [girls night] soon," she told Cohen.
Be warned: There's a new squad in town.
Watch Azalea's interview below.
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